Porsche 75th Anniversary Events At The Porsche Experience Center

The year 2023 is a milestone for Porsche cars. This year celebrates the 75th Anniversary Of Porsche. And with Porsche’s North American headquarters based right here in Atlanta, there are several days of celebration planned on June 8th and 9th.

For 75 years, Porsche has been fueled by a relentless pursuit of bringing dreams to life. From our earliest racing cars to the latest models, we’ve always embodied cutting-edge design, exceptional performance, and an unwavering commitment to striving for perfection – all of which contribute to the unparalleled driving experience that we’re renowned for. At Porsche, dreams are not just goals, but the fuel that drives us toward tomorrow.

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– Porsche NA quote about the 75th anniversary

Porsche 75th Anniversary Events

Below are the major events being held in celebration of Porsche’s 75th anniversary. All events will be held at the Porsche Experience Center, One Porsche Drive in Atlanta. The Porsche Experience Center is located on the edge of the Atlanta Airport.

Registration is required for all of these events, you will not be allowed onto the Porsche headquarters or Experience Center grounds without a confirmed reservation in your name.

Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction – June 8th Thru 10th

Broad Arrow Group is presented the Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction.  This one of a kind Porsche auction will be held during the Porsche 75th anniversary celebration at the Porsche Experience Center.

Festival Of Dreams: Porsche 75th Anniversary at The Porsche Experience Center – June 9th

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta welcomes you to the Festival of Dreams event in celebration of Porsche 75th Anniversary. Join us for an afternoon full of colorful dreams and inspiring experiences, featuring food, music, and track laps with PEC instructors.

Guitarga Concert: Porsche 75th Anniversary at The Porsche Experience Center – June 9th

Join us to experience the fusion of these two icons. The Guitarga concert and exhibition is a celebration of design and functionality.

Porsche Headquarters Facility and Porsche Experience Center

Image courtesy of Porsche North America

The Porsche North American Headquarters also features a Porsche Museum, Porsche Simulators, a Porsche store and a Porsche classic car restoration center. The Porsche Experience Center retail store is the only place in the US you can get Porsche, Porsche Design and Porsche classic retail items in a single location.

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Recently Expanded Porsche Experience Center

The Porsche Experience Center just recently opened an expanded set of track and facilities. The expanded track adds 1.3 miles to the existing 1.6 miles, bringing a total of 2.9 miles of surface available. The “main” design circuit now totals 2.3 miles. This makes the PEC track more typical in length with other road courses.

Image courtesy of Porsche NA

The new expansion features sections designed to mimic the rapid switch back turns of the Tail of the Dragon, as well as sections that include an elevation change corkscrew like you’d find at Laguna Seca and some of the iconic turns on Nurburgring.

Make A Weekend Of It

Image courtesy of Kimpton Overland

The Kimpton Overland Hotel is literally right next door to the Porsche headquarters and Porsche Experience Center. And it’s a Porsche lovers dream. You can walk to the Porsche Experience Center which is located in Porsche’s North American HQ. Also available are premium rooms with views of the Porsche Experience Center track, the Kimpton Pool Deck and Bar also overlook Porsche Experience Center.

In addition to all of this there is a Porsche Design store right in the lobby of the hotel. And all of the hotels courtesy vehicles are Porsches as well. Of course you’ll also see some amazing cars in the parking lot of the hotel and Porsche Experience Center as well.

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