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UPDATED: Flatrock Motorsports Park Construction

If you are looking for the latest news on the upcoming Flatrock Motorsports Park and for updates and details on construction, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been following Flatrock Motorsports Park since it’s inception, when it was still originally going to be in Oak Ridge. As one of American’s newest motorsports park and the largest track under construction near Atlanta, this has project has been of interest to us.

In this blog post we’ll post regular updates on the constructions status.

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June 2024 Update

Flatrock posts pictures on LinkedIn of the paving being completed, reaching a major milestone towards their planned summer opening. Flatrock Motorclub members are expected to be the first to get to drive on the track.

Image courtesy of Flatrock Motorclub/Flatrock Motorsports Park

January 2024 Update

No pictures, but a significant update as Flatrock Motorsports Park officially announces a planned Summer 2024 opening.

November 2023 Flatrock Motorsports Park Construction Update

Picture courtesy of Flatrock Motorsports Park

Flatrock Motorsports Park took to social media just after Thanksgiving to post that first layer of paving is complete. A 2nd and 3rd layer, making up the actual racing surface, will be put on next. Expect that process to move more quickly.

October 2023 Flatrock Motorsports Park Construction Update

Flatrock Motorsports Park recently took to Facebook and other social channels to post a “how it started, how it’s going” set of images. The first shows an aerial of grading being complete from earlier this year. The second is a recent picture showing paving nearly complete.

While not official “opening” date has been announced, Flatrock Motorsports Park, does appear to be on track for a 2024 opening.

August 2023 Flatrock Motorsports Park Construction Update

Flatrock Motorsports Park has moved beyond the dirt moving into paving. This is a significant milestone for the fledging motorsports park.

Original Renderings/News

Flatrock USA Location

The 773 acre tract is located off of I-40 at the Westel exit and was owned by the Plateau Park Partnership. It was originally acquired and marketed for a manufacturing or industrial use. The site ultimately didn’t fit those needs, but it turned out to be a perfect location for an entertainment and leisure site.

“The Plateau Park Partnership was thrilled at the prospect of Flatrock locating to our site… This property sat vacant since well before 2007, we had multiple prospects but the hilly terrain and lack of utilities to support a large manufacturing facility ultimately caused those prospects to walk away. The terrain is actually an asset for Flatrock and a leisure and tourism destination that leverages our state’s strong automotive industry will provide high quality economic development for the entire region.”John Davis, chair of the Plateau Park Partnership

The new location near Westel, TN is about 45 minutes west of Knoxville and about 30 minutes west o the original proposed site. Expect a reasonable 3-3.5 hour drive from Atlanta and under 2 hours from Nashville.

Expanded Concept

The new Flatrock USA is more than just a relocated Oakridge Motorsports Park. It’s also an expanded concept. In addition to the motorsports facility plans include an amphitheater, winery, landmark hotel and conference center, a destination restaurant with a brewery, Innovation Center and museum, retail center, clubhouse with amenities, campground, adventure activities, multiple types of residential properties. In addition there will be farming to provide many of the needed meats and produce for on-site restaurants. There will even be an an observatory on the highest point of the property.

Flatrock USA Track

The Flatrock USA project will still be focused around the Motorsports Park. This includes a 6 mile Tilke designed track. It will incorporate the rolling hills and terrain on the site. In addition it will include a state-of-the-art paddock area with race control, business and hospitality suites, meeting rooms, garages, and a FIA Certified Kart Track.

Flatrock will break ground this year with the motorsports park projected to be completed in phases, the first as early as next summer.  We are excited to get to try it out.

Floatrock Motorsports Park Master Plan

Image courtesy of Flatrock Motorsports Park

Flatrock Motorsports Park’s master plan, according to it’s website, includes the track, motorsports club and club house, lodges, resturants, villa’s, amphitheater and much more.

About Flatrock Motorsports Park

Flatrock Motorsports Park is a semi-private track being built about an hour west of Knoxville. Originally planned to be just outside of Knoxville in Oak Ridge, Flatrock was forced to move a little further out. The trade off though is a bigger track with more amenities. At full buildout Flatrock is expected to have 34 turns and 6 miles of course. The initial GP circuit will be 3.4 miles. Other amenities are expected to include a brewery, winery, amphitheater and more. A private driving club with members facilities, known as Flatrock Motorclub, will provide provide a motorsports country club experience.

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