Atlanta Area Drag Strips

Silver Dollar Motorsports Park (1/4 mile)

Silver Dollar Motorsports Park is a full 1/4 mile drag strip about 2 hours south of Atlanta. Known for being less crowded (and cheaper) than Atlanta Dragway, Silver Dollar hosts some of the Atlanta area’s longest standing drag racing events.

Like many tracks Silver Dollar is open most Friday’s for test and tune passes, known as “Street Legal Drags”. Any vehicle that can pass the safety inspection can make passes on Fridays. At about $25 it’s a pretty cheap way to get to make passes.

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More information: silverdollarraceway.com

Carolina Dragway (1/4 mile)

Carolina Dragway, known as “The House Of Hook”, is a full 1/4 mile drag strip located about 2 hours from Atlanta in Aiken, SC.  Carolina Dragway hosts some major events annually, including Street Car Bragging Rights, that draws racers from all over the southeast.

South Georgia Motorsports Park (1/4 mile)

South Georgia Motorsports Park, located near Valdosta, is Georgia newest 1/4 mile drag strip. The track was recently sold to a local operator.

SGMP features a full 1/4 mile track, one of of a handful remaining within a few hours of Atlanta.

Paradise Drag Strip (1/8 mile)

Paradise Drag Strip is an 1/8th mile drag strip (half of the length of a 1/4 mile drag strip) located in Calhoun. Running since 1961, the “T The Hill” hosts a variety of test & tune as well as competition events.

Paradise Drag Strip has open run (test & tune) events on a variety of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

LaGrange-Troup County Drag Strip (1/8 mile)

LaGrange-Troup County Drag Strip is an 1/8th mile drag strip (half of the length of a 1/4 mile drag strip) located in La Grange, GA about an hour south of Atlanta.

LaGrange-Troup County Drag Strip has open run (test & tune) events on a Fridays and races traditionally on Saturdays.

Atlanta Area Drag Strips That Are No Longer Open Or Operating

Atlanta Dragway (1/4 mile) – Permanently Closed in 2021

Affectionately known simply as “Commerce”, Atlanta Dragway was Atlanta’s NHRA sanctioned drag strip. It’s was a full 1/4 mile drag strip. Atlanta Dragway hosted the full lineup of drag cars – Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro stock, etc.

However, most enthusiasts knew Atlanta Dragway for their “Fast Fridays”. Fast Fridays were test & tune races open to anyone in any car that can past a safety inspection. We will sorely miss these events. At Fast Friday’s, not only will did you get a chance to race your car and see dozens of other sportsman and enthusiasts, you might have gotten to see some rather unique cars. Previous Fast Friday’s have had appearances by jet powered drag bikes, wheel standing dragsters and even full blown Top Fuel cars.

UPDATE: Atlanta Dragway was sold in 2021 and shuttered. The property is expected to be developed.

Atlanta Motor Speedway (1/8 mile) – Series No Longer Occurring

Known to most people as a NASCAR track, Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) hosts a number of local enthusiast centric events, including Friday night drag racing and autocross.

AMS Friday Drag races were open to everyone, but focused more on competition. Unlike most drag strips there was no speed/time posted. It was a competition for “first one to the end of the track”. While a unique take, and no time slips to walk away with, it’ was a memorable experience and was a great place to get out try drag racing in a competitive format.

Atlanta Motor Speedway no longer runs Friday not drags. They do continue to be the location of the Atlanta Region Autocross events.

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