About Shift Atlanta

Shift Atlanta is a unique digital community for car enthusiasts.  Our intention is to extend the community beyond what we’ve seen and been a part of in the past. Our efforts focus on budding enthusiasts who are new or exploring their love of cars, who have been distant, or who are trying to figure out how to balance their passion within their everyday busy lives.  

We also want to serve those who currently do not have a strong voice or are siloed in the Atlanta car scene.  While the community we have created is for everyone, we go out of our way to ensure that those who are learning, women, minorities and young enthusiasts are all seen, heard and represented. 

Shift Atlanta was founded by a team of dedicated car enthusiasts right here in Atlanta.  Our team is diverse and encompasses all experience levels- from someone new to the scene and others who have been active for 20 years. Our founder was part of the team that brought you Import Showdown, which is still one of the largest and longest running sportsman racing events in Georgia.  But, we are not just car enthusiasts. Shift Atlanta is comprised of a professional team of experienced business leaders who are excited to share our knowledge and expertise as well as prioritize community value over profits.

Our goal is to create approachable and authentic content and activities. We will offer multi-faceted experiences that go beyond car discussions. We aim to give our members the tools and opportunity to lean into their passion and have some fun with cars.  We strive for a community that focuses on sharing knowledge, learning and opportunity. We are about authenticity over vanity by people who walk, rather than talk.

You can expect this community to provide great driving experiences, a wealth of technical and high-level technician knowledge, product reviews, information about local motorsports events, as well as articles pertaining to lifestyle and news.  If you are interested in becoming a contributor of Shift Atlanta, we’d love to hear from you.

Shift Atlanta Team

Holly – President

Holly has always marched to a different beat. She’s followed her interests, ambition and intuition to jump on opportunities presented to her and that’s gotten her some some phenomenal experiences. She helped build and operate Import Showdown (the largest and longest running sportman drag racing events in Georgia), run body shops, worked in dealerships and was a partner in a retail and wholesale aftermarket and performance parts company.  Apart from automotive businesses she’s also owned bakery concept that produced a variety of baked goods that were all produced with craft beer and alcohol. Currently, she’s CEO of a firm that advises for and invests in other businesses.

In addition to her business experience she’s always been a car person. The first car that ever caught her eye was the original British Mini Cooper. By the time she was ready to get her drivers license she wanted a Mercury Cougar- no, not the cool muscle cars from the 70’s, the cringy unreliable bubble butts from the late 90’s. But hey, that’s what it’s like when you’re 16. Since then she’s owned a modified AWD Eclipse Turbo and an EVO. She may have been spotted jackassing in the Evo a time or two earned a bit of a reputation as “the EVO drift queen” for doing a few AWD drifts. Should go without saying that shes saves it for the track now.

Her current enthusiast car is an F83 BMW M4 hardtop convertible with a 6 speed manual.

The whole Shift Atlanta team is aligned in our goal to address the gap that we believe exists in the automotive scene, create authentic experiences, share knowledge and build a community with unique perspectives.


Dean was one of those people that has been into cars since he could barely walk. He’s been able to tell you make and model of a car by sight since he was about three and his passion has never waned. He bought his first car at 12 years old- a Nissan 240sx- and has owned everything from aircooled 911’s to semi trucks.

He’s under 30 years old but has titled over 200 personal cars in his name, buying, fixing and selling so that he can move to the next thing that catches his eye. The passion for his hobby is also his profession. He was a technician for a decade and now is a business owner doing sales, transportation as well as vehicle consignment and rentals. Dean is a man of strong ethics and builds relationships easily.

He is Shift Atlanta’s go to guy for finding experts in everything car related- motorsports, driving fabrication, modifications and repair. Dean is also hosting Shift Atlanta’s YouTube series on the Atlanta car scene.


Jonathan’s love for cars began in the early 90s between a mix of playing Need for Speed and fanboying about BMWs. As a kid he was emphatic to his grandmother that he’d one day drive a BMW. The love of cars became even more real when his dad got a Porsche 944. That first ride where he got to feel the engine and how the car shook sealed the deal. Jonathan’s first car was an IS300 6 speed that he burnt out the clutch in learning to drive it.

Professionally, Jonathan is a Technology Director leading software development teams.

He currently drives a F80 BMW M3 with a 6 speed manual and an Audi S5. He loves driving experiences and events and shares his experiences with the Shift Atlanta team. Jonathan is also a regular contributor to Shift Atlanta’s YouTube series on the Atlanta car scene.


Megan brings a lot of fun to our team. Although she was brought up in the Motor City, she’s reformed to become a true ATLien. She’s always been a car fan and sought to be around them. One of her favorite things she’s ever done was go to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. She’s constantly seeking out experiences and trying new things.

When she’s not traveling and socializing with other car geeks, she’s a marketing guru. She’s super creative and uses every bit of her informatics degree from the University of Michigan.

She daily drives a Mazda 3 Hatchback and has an Audi S5 Cabriolet for fun. Megan is contributing her marketing expertise and her unique perspectives as a female enthusiast to Shift Atlanta.


Paul has a similar story to so many car lovers. In the 1980s, he dreamed of one day of owning a Porsche or Lamborghini Countach. In the meantime 9 years old Paul had to settle for a poster on his wall. In high school he worked side jobs to buy his first car – a Toyota Corolla, which he proceeded to put wheels, air intake and exhaust on. He was hooked.

Paul has been an enthusiast now for over 2 decades. In that time he has owned and modified cars ranging from that early Corolla to an Eclipse AWD Turbo (DSM), Lancer Evolution 9, Audis, and most recently that dream Porsche Turbo. He was a founding force and President of Import Showdown for a decade. Paul founded and served as CEO of an Atlanta based auto parts retailer that sold replacement and aftermarket parts. He’s also served as president of the Georgia and Southeast Regional DSM clubs.

In addition to his car expertise Paul was a senior partner in a digital agency. He will be contributing expertise in this area to Shift Atlanta by helping guide website operations, digital marketing and video production.

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