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ShiftAtlanta is proud to recently be the subject of a feature in Vette of Atlanta Magazine. The article covers the history of our lead content contributor, Paul, as well as why the organization was founded and what we’re hoping to accomplish.

We also had a chance to discuss the upcoming Drivers Festival and Car Show. Last year we had a number of Corvettes, among a variety of other cars, join and we’re hoping to see more track and show Corvettes at this year version.

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Favorite Quotes From The Article

Here were some of our favorite quotes from the article. We highly encourage you to read the entire thing.

How Our Personal Experiences Frame Us As Enthusiasts And What We Are Looking To Accomplish With ShiftAtlanta

There is no either, or for me, I need it all.  I need my very tactile fix of a manual in an analog car, but I enjoy the fact that daily drivers can run mid-11s at the track and high 1:30s around Atlanta Motorsports Park but still be comfortable enough to take on a road trip.

My experience has ranged from a 77 Chevy C20 with a 350 that I put cams, headers, and a Holley carb on.  I come from the timing light era, but I still find myself being drawn to how technology has helped progress cars forward. 

– ShiftAtlanta in the Vettes Of Atlanta article

About Why We Want To Help Get People Out On Doing More

Every one of those experiences helped me get out and do something I didn’t think I could do – either because of money, experience, or just didn’t know about them. 

With ShiftAtlanta, we wanted to find ways to help people break down those barriers, whether they are real or perceived, so they could do more with their passion.

On What We Hope To Achieve

All of our information is intended to make every aspect of the car scene accessible.  And where there are cost or complexity barriers, we want to demystify that.  We can’t necessarily make owning a car magically cheap, but we can help you understand to maximize what you spend through these resources. 

About The Drivers Festival

First, annually we do a charity show to raise money for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, which helps parents with children transition out of homelessness.  But this is no ordinary car show. 

We call it a Drivers Festival, and we encourage any type of high-performance car – from purpose-built race cars, Lemons cars with themes, dedicated track cars, and supercars to come put on a display. We attract other drivers and performance enthusiasts to celebrate the vehicles that enable these passions, all while doing great for the community. 

It’s usually held at a brewery, so it’s a great chance to grab a brew if you drink and meet fellow enthusiasts. 

Also, unlike a lot of charity car shows, we don’t take anything off of the top.  Most of our vendors and sponsors donate everything needed to run the event, including the space. 

So we give 98% of every dollar that comes into the charity.  And not 98% of profits, 98% of all dollars.  Last year we raised over $8,200, and we hope, with the growth of the event, to be able to smash that number in 2023.

Tip Of The Ice Berg

This is just the tip of the ice berg with what we discuss in the article – including our community projects, our future plans around special events with our track day operators and partners, and much much more. Check out the full article for more.

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