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Shop Spotlight: Racedaysafety.com

As part of our Lemons Car Project we needed to acquire all of the safety equipment. Our first stop was to RaceDaySafety.com in Dallas, GA. They come highly recommended from the sportsman racing community and for good reason. Run by a husband and wife team, we were highly impressed with their helpfulness and knowledge.

Located in a relatively non-discript shopping center off of E. Paulding Drive, you wouldn’t know one of Atlanta’s premiere racing safety equipment stores was located here. The majority of the similar shops are located next to or even within Atlanta’s area racetracks, or like Summit are large standalone shops.

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However, don’t let the shops humble appearance full you. Racedaysafety had a surprisingly deep lineup of core race safety components. In addition, Racedaysafety is the kind of small business many people long to see the return of. Not in it solely for the money, it is clear the owners are race enthusiasts themselves. Their knowledge comes from personal experience with racing the products, something many other large shops don’t get to claim.

Our main interaction is with co-owner Laura. She walked us through helmets, race seats, fire suppression system and the HANS devices. She also let us try on suits and made recommendations, helping us understand how the different pieces would work with a team that had varied size of drivers.

Another big plus to Racedaysafety is they stocked a lot of value oriented brands, like Racequip. While Sparco and the like have the racing heritage and brand recognition, the option as a sportsman to pick up safety rated equipment without the branding price tags is a huge plus. Of course, if you need branded equipment they sell a number of popular brands as well, but their niche was clearly for the value oriented.

The front part of the shop had a pickup window and a small showroom. The showroom was filled with quick pickup items you might expect. They included gas jugs, helmet socks, and T-Shirts. Down the hallway lead to the warehouse, stocked floor to ceiling with race safety gear. The layout was more functional than display oriented. It seems clear Racedaysafety does a lot of their business online. However, if we had just purchased online we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to test fit or learn so much about what we were buying.

If your goal is to purchase name brand or non safety rated equipment that looks good, this is not likely the best place for you. Racedaysafety should be on your list if you have questions, need to test fit safety gear or are looking for value oriented equipment.

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Company Name: RaceDaySafety.com

Locations/Address: 3587 E Paulding Dr #206, Dallas, GA 30157

Website: racedaysafety.com

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