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Women’s Track Events Taking Center Stage

It’s hard not to dive into a topic like inclusivity without conjuring some sense of angst in our current internet and political landscape. But this isn’t some government or corporate program we are referring to here. What were beginning to see in the automotive scene is a grassroots movement to bring those who have historically been on the sidelines into the sport and hobby.

Sure, we need to grow the hobby but it’s much more than that. What is really cool about the recent growth in women’s driving and track events is that this isn’t a effort to count numbers. It’s about creating spaces for the large number of women who just really want to do be a part of the driving, track and racing scene.

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While plenty of women make their ways to track days every day, the opportunity to be a more welcoming community can’t be overlooked. So, a number of local Atlanta area track day operators have created programs aimed at women – from simply welcoming subgroups to having a women’s run group all the way to hosting a full track day for women.

Why Women’s Only Run Groups And Track Days

Women’s interest and involvement in the car scene and racing has always been in higher numbers than what may be represented at any given event. As a general average, 34% of all car enthusiasts are women. If you want a more specific example, just last year it was reported a whopping 40% F1 viewership were women and growing 8% each year.

There has been a rise of women’s viewership and sports across the board. As the stigma of being involved as declined, it’s allowed more women to seek passions regardless of whether it fits into societies traditional expectations.

Despite this interest though, the typical track day tops out at about 10% (speculation, not hard numbers). Even though the percentages may vary from group to group and across particulars of the hobby, it’s clear there is a disconnect between interest and participation. It just makes good sense to find ways to get more women engaged.

Women’s only driving events provide an opportunity for women to come off the sidelines and into the fold. While there are no rules preventing women from doing this at any track, and women absolutely are out there, the opportunity for women to build a like community makes it that much easier to say “you know what, maybe I can, and if nothing else, at least I know it’s a group that will want (or not judge) me”.

So with that, let’s talk about a few of the opportunities for women to get out on track with other women here in the Atlanta area in the coming weeks and months.

Jzilla Ladies Day Presented By Shift Brokers – August 25th – Atlanta Motorsports Park

The inaugural Jzilla Track Days Ladies Day at Atlanta Motorsports Park on August 25th is the first all women’s track day we know of. This event isn’t just a single run group, but an entire day that encompasses run groups from beginner to advanced, all dedicated to creating a fun, safe and inviting environment.

As an added benefit to the community, Jzilla has made this is a charity event. All proceeds over costs will go to an organization called My Sister’s House, an emergency shelter for women and children in Atlanta.  

“This year, Jzilla will host its first all Women’s Track Day to encourage those who have been on track before to push further or to empower those who have always wanted to get out there on their own.” Jzilla Track Days

In addition to getting to drive on the main track, Ladies will also be able to use Atlanta Motorsports Park wet skid pad to learn some car control and drift basics. Instructors will be on hand to assist you with techniques on the skid pad. You can even get on on the Skid Pad, even if you don’t register for the full track day.

Event Details

When: Saturday August 25th, 2024

Where: Atlanta Motorsports Park

Registration: Open Now

More Details: Learn More

Peachstate Porsche Club Womens Run Group – July 27th – Atlanta Motorsports Park

miglagoa – stock.adobe.com

Peachstate Porsche Club Of America (PCA) will host their second HPDE event with an all women’s novice group on July 27th at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Porsche and the PCA have lead the way with women’s engagement in the car hobby for a number of years. And this event is no different.

While still a co-ed event, PCA has found success adding women’s only novice run groups on select dates as a way to encourage more women to get out on track in a comfortable environment. In fact, their first women’s only run group in February sold out in just over 4 hours!

Also, we should note that while the event is run by the Porsche club and caters to Porsche owners, the event is open to all makes and model cars.

Event Details

When: Saturday July 27th, 2024

Where: Atlanta Motorsports Park

More Details: Learn More

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