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Shop Spotlight: Discovery Parts

DiscoveryParts is the racing parts retail and online store located within Atlanta Motorsports Park. They have a great selection of safety items and a very deep catalog of parts.

We had a chance to personally experience buying from DiscoveryParts when we grabbed a few of the items we needed for our 24 Hours of Lemons build. The process was painless to purchase online and they offered shipping or pickup. We ultimately choose pickup to give us an excuse to check out the retail store.

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While we were glad we did, lets just say its not the kind of place you just drop in at. This was both a pro and con to the experience. This is because it is literally inside of Atlanta Motorsports Park, you have to go through the gate and sign the legal waivers. The pro of course is you are on the grounds of AMP. We were lucky while we were there as there were cars running on the track. If you are a car enthusiasts that’s always enjoyable.

The experience of pulling up to the door at DiscoveryParts is different than visiting most other racer centric stores. It isn’t in a retail location or even a traditional warehouse. It actually takes up a few of the spaces in the garage building next to the main club house.

The selection of products in stock was great. While the retail space was about the size of most of the garages, they clearly maximized the use of the space. Also, compared to some of the other race shops they had a lot on display. Even if it was inaccessible to touch without assistance we always enjoy when you can visually see many of the products.

Customer service was fantastic and the pickup process was painless. They carry a lot of the more minor parts you need for your race car build. It also seemed like a great place to get seats, helmets and other every day race equipment.

More Information

Company Name: Discovery Parts

Locations/Address: 20 Duck Thurmond Bldg B Ste 2 Dawsonville, GA 30534 – Located on the grounds of Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Website: discoveryparts.com

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