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Shop Spotlight: Atlanta Perimeter Porsche

Atlanta Perimeter Porsche

You likely could not be involved in the Atlanta Porsche or car scene without knowing about Atlanta Perimeter Porsche. More than one of the premiere Porsche dealerships in the Atlanta area, they are one of the most represented dealerships in the scene.

They are regular sponsors of Caffeine and Octane Porsche corner and are highly active in many of the Facebook groups. Therefore, we couldn’t have a series spotlighting Atlanta shops without highlighting Atlanta Perimeter Porsche.

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Tour With Depreciation Nation

Recently the team at Depreciation Nation had an opportunity to tour Atlanta Perimeter Porsche. This includes their showroom and retail areas.

About Local Flavor Series

Local Flavor is a series of articles where we expand on videos from Atlanta area YouTubers in the Atlanta car scene. We take some of our favorite content from our favorite creators and expand on the conversation like only the Shift community can.

About Depreciation Nation

Depreciation Nation is a team made up by Derriff, Josh, Lavo, and Kyle. Join them as they bring back high-line automobiles with one foot in the scrap yard. They adhere to a very strict budget and, while this series isn’t a how-to, they will show you the processes and costs involved with complete transparency.

You can watch more Depreciation Nation content on their Depreciation Nation YouTube page.

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