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Lucky Dogs Racing League Southern Endurance Cup

We’re excited to learn that for 2022 Lucky Dogs Racing League (LDRL) has added an event at Atlanta Motorsports Park. This represents the first time LDRL has had an event in the Atlanta area. The inaugural AMP event will be held May 21st and 22nd at Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville.

The Southern Endurance Cup is Lucky Dog’s 3 race series in the southeastern US. The events run as their own mini endurance cup, with points being earned for being a part of each race.

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The other events in the Southern Endurance Cup are held at Carolina Motorsports Park, about 4 hours away from Atlanta. Those events will held February 26th and 27th and September 24th and 25th.

Atlanta Area Endurance Races

For those who may be unfamiliar, LDRL is similar to 24 Hours Of Lemons, which holds races at Road Atlanta and Barber Motorsports Park or Champ Car, which holds events at Barber, Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motorsports Park – Lucky Dogs is worth checking out.

LDRL Vs. Lemons vs. Champ

While very similar, LDRL has some differences. We are not going to cover an exhaustive sets of differences, some of which are subjective, but we’ll hit a few highlights. LDRL is generally more competitive than Lemons, with a focus on trophies and competition. Still, cars have themes and racing is often casual. LDRL also has a more objective classing and qualifying system which is unique. This was a welcome change from the subjective nature of Lemons judging.

LDRL seems to attract some competitive teams, like Champ, but with it’s simplified rules and more welcoming nature, it’s much more accessible than Champ car. The qualifying system also helps avoid some of the complexities of the Champ Point system.

If you are thinking of making the move from Lemons to Lucky Dog, and its certainly worth checking out, we actually wrote a handy guide on the car setup differences between Lucky Dog and Lemons. It’s primarily safety components you’ll need to add, most of which are optional or recommended in Lemons but required in LDRL. Champ’s safety rules generally include all of the same components as LDRL, so most cars setup for Champ will be able to run LDRL with little changes. We highly recommend reviewing the rules for yourself to avoid race day disappointment.

Supporting LDRL at Atlanta Motorsports Park

We will be running our own team at AMP for the LDRL, along with all of the Southern Endurance Cup races. We hope you’ll support this fantastic series!

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