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Team Nein Blinker LDRL AMP 2023 Recap

Wow, what a weekend. In terms of racing success, the best one yet for Team Nein Blinker. We finished 2nd On Sunday and 3rd On Saturday In B!! WOW! Dual podiums for the first time for us.

Big thanks to our sponsors ShiftAtlanta and Shift Brokers.

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Atlanta Motorsports Park is our home track and we took full advantage of our experience. The track was a little wet Saturday morning, and between having so many laps and having a lot of wet laps we were able to turn that into the Pole Position in B class during qualifying.

We weren’t sure at a few points we’d even be racing this weekend. We got a late start working on the car, hit a bunch of unexpected issues and the few improvements we planned mostly didn’t go to plan. Despite this we had zero lost laps due to mechanical issues, just two issues with drivers (motion sickness and heat exhaustion).

While we were far from the fastest B class car, we’re highly consistent. We were able to turn that consistency into winning. Sunday’s 2nd place victory was very clean, though aided due to problems with several of the other B class cars.

Saturday’s 3rd place was interesting. We have always fun B class in Lucky Dogs. However, due to some of our lap times the race directory moved us down to C. We didn’t ask for this, and wouldn’t. We spoke with the race director and just let them know we’d rather be last in B than to be moved around. After discussing with the LDRL ownership, they agreed to move us back to B. This moved us into 3rd place.

We also worked in a new driver who had never been in the car or done wheel to wheel before and were down one of our best drivers. One of the things we try to do here at ShiftAtlanta and with Team Nein Blinker is to grow the sport.

Steve drove to a team best time on Saturday and as usual carried it forward with great driving on Sunday to keep us in 3rd place. Jonny took over and preceded to get us into second place with the 3rd place car went out with mechanical trouble late in the day.

Shoutout to Jonny for taking the extra stints and great driving. He wound up with the VIP experience for his efforts, getting to hold the trophy at the awards ceremony.

We’re just happy we didn’t get hit towards the end of the day Sunday like we did at the last race!

Thank you to Lucky Dog Racing League for putting on a great event as always. Easily the best series out there. Cathy, Chris, Eric, Dwayne, Jeri and company all go through a lot of stage these events and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

Want to meet the Nein Blinker team and see our trophies? Be sure to check it out during the Drivers Festival and Car Show on July 15th at Pontoon Brewing. Nein Blinker, along with a host of other track, endurance, offroad and super cars will be on display. Plus you can have a beer out of the truck of our car.

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