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Racing and Safety Gear In Atlanta

Whether you are looking for a helmet for a track day, getting into drifting or building a full blown wheel to wheel race car, chances are you’ll find yourself in need of some racing and safety gear. The good news for those of us who live in the Atlanta area is that we’ve got a number of great options available.

In this article we’ll review the primary places most racers and car enthusiasts in the Atlanta area go to get their racing gear. We’ll also describe a little bit about what makes each of the shops unique.

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Typical Gear and Supplies Available At Racing And Safety Gear Shops

Before we dive into the list, here are a few of the types of items you’ll find at these shops. Of course, what they stock and their speciality may vary.

Safety Gear For Drivers

Helmets – SA rated helmets for competitive events

Suits – 1 piece suits, jackets, pants and related suit gear, SFI or FIA rated. Also, note with SFI there are different levels of ratings, one multi-layer, one single.

Shoes – SFI or FIA rated racing shoes. Some may even make you look stylish if you are bold enough to wear them on a mountain run or outside of a track.

Cooling System Shirts – while the cooling system is in the car, drivers will need shirts.

Head and Neck Restraint Systems – HANS and other brands of head and neck restraint systems are required by many series.

Safety Gear For Cars

Belts/Harness – SFI or FIA rated belts and harnesses

Seats – Racing, SFI or FIA rated racing seats

Cooling System – Keep your driver, or pits, cool

Radio and Communication – Keep in contact with the driver

Steering Wheels – detachable and non-detachable racing steering wheels

Window Nets and Arm Restraints – nets and arm restraints to keep body parts in the vehicle

Kill Switches – battery cutoffs/kill switches

Fire Suppression Systems – manual or automatic, some safety shops also offer refill services.

List Of Racing And Safety Gear Shops

Raceday Safety

Raceday Safety carries a full line of driver and car safety gear. Raceday Safety started as circle track racers, suppling fellow race teams. They’ve grown into a full service store that offers gears and equipment for nearly any kind of competitive racing.

One area Raceday stands out is they have a number of lower cost and value lines, in addition to premium brands. It’s the kind of place you can visit, get great expertise and not feel like you just got taken for a ride.

Address: 4618, East Paulding Drive, Dallas, Georgia, 30132, United States

Phone: (770) 505-0193

More Details and Reviews: Raceday Safety

Website: https://www.racedaysafety.com/

Discovery Parts

Located within Atlanta Motorsports Park, Discovery Parts is one of the larger racing gear and safety shops in Atlanta. They carry a wide range of products, including a number of FIA and higher end pieces you won’t find at many of the other places in town.

Discovery Parts show room has a wall of shoes, a wall of seats and a huge selection of helmets. They also carry a large selection of kill switches, fire suppression tanks, communication systems and more for the car itself.

Another area Discovery Parts stands out is offering onsite AFFF refill services, which can be a life saver if you don’t have a spare tank.

Address: Atlanta Motorsports Park, 20, Duck Thurmond Road, Dawsonville, Dawson County, Georgia, 30534, United States

Phone: (706) 344-1235

More Details and Reviews: Discovery Parts

Website: https://discoveryparts.com/


BridgeMoto is a unique provider in that they actually make or white label a number of their products. Well known with the Drift crowd, BridgeMoto stocks and sells a large variety of SFI rated safety gear. One thing we love about their products though is that they often look as good as they work. But don’t like the form fool you, this is serious safety gear.

Address: 1199, Big Ridge Road, Sweden, Pickens County, Georgia, 30175, United States

Phone: (478) 215-1077

More Details and Reviews: BridgeMoto

Website: http://www.bridgemoto.com/

Summit Racing

Summit Racing is a huge, national chain of performance and racing supply. Far and away the largest store in this category, you’ll find the usual like helmets and seats, all the way to wheels, racing batteries and so much more.

In fact, just visiting Summit Racing is an experience. So much so, it made our Top 10 list of things to do for car enthusiasts. There just isn’t a lot of big box retail like this in the car scene anymore.

Address: 20 King Mill Rd, McDonough, GA 30253

Phone: (770) 288-3200

More Details and Reviews: Summit Racing Atlanta

Website: https://www.summitracing.com/

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