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Atlanta Car Events We Can’t Wait For In 2021


A new for 2021 event, Why2K is a car show and event that seeks to bring car enthusiasts back to the hay day of the car scene. The focus on 1980s-2009 will bring out dozens of our cars we now lust after. There is no doubt many of the cars that we missed out on or got away will be there, taunting us further.

This event is truly unique in several ways. First, it’s classic feel. While classic car shows are not new to the domestic crowd, this is one of the first we’ve seen that has a heavy import focus. It’s certainly a sign that import car enthusiasts have maturity to the point where they now have a “classic” car show. Yes, I think I just called all of us old.

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The second is its location, Atlanta Motorsports Park. Known as the largest automotive country club in the world, its better known for hosting Champ Car races and Xtreme Xperience events than car shows. However, AMP will make a fantastic location for this event, even if it’s a bit of a drive for a lot metro Atlantans.

When: May 15th, 2021

Where: Atlanta Motorsports Park

More information: why2k.net

Import Alliance

For those of us that miss the hey day of the NOPI shows, Import Alliance at Atlanta Motor Speedway is easily the closest thing we have. Import Alliance is still the largest gathering of cars in the Atlanta area. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the drive. Literally thousands of cars fill the entire infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway. There are also vendors, music and other activities.

We are more eager than ever for the 2021 edition of Import Alliance since COVID-19 caused the cancelation of the 2020 version. However, the impact is still real. As of the beginning of 2021 a date hasn’t yet been announced.

When: TBD

Where: Atlanta Motor Speedway

More information: Import Alliance

Import Showdown

One of the Atlanta car scene’s longest running events, the Import Showdown is back for 2021. Entering its 20th year, Import Showdown is the largest enthusiast driven drag race in the Atlanta area. There simply are not many events like this anymore.

Also, don’t let the name full you. The Import Showdown is not just for imports. One of the best classes at the event is Imports vs World that matches some of the fastest imports against fast domestics. For old school car enthusiasts who remember the “imports vs. domestics” days it certainly has that feel.

You can also run your own car down the track at Import Showdown. Never been or not sure if drag racing is for you? Check out our drag racing primer and read about how drag racing is by far the most accessible form of competitive racing. If you don’t want to compete, it’s a great time just to see how you and your car do via test and tune.

As of the beginning of this article 2021 dates haven’t been announced. We fully expect Import Showdown to a spring and fall event just like they did in 2020.

When: TBD

Where: Silver Dollar Raceway

More information: Import Showdown

MX1 Weekend

A weekend dedicated to M and X model BMW cars at plant in Spartanburg, SC? put on by BMW!? Yes please. You don’t have to be a BMW fanatic to appreciate this weekend filled with what should be the largest gathering of BMW cars in a single place in America. In addition, an optional autocross driving the “latest M and X model cars” helps round out this weekend that any car enthusiast should love.

Unfortunately, if you are not a member of the BMW Car Club of America (CCA), better buddy up to someone who is. It’s a requirement to attend. Also, this event like many others was a casualty of COVID-19 last year, so we are eager to see it happen. We plan to be there and will bring you coverage if you can’t make, but we highly recommend you do.

When and Where: April 9th and 10th, 2021 at BMW Experience Center in Spartanburg, SC

More information: BMW MX1 Weekend

Petit LeMans

Atlanta’s premiere professional race, Petit LeMans is still the racing event to attend. For fans its a huge tailgate. Bring a grill, table, chairs and drinks and settle in for some of the best racing at an iconic track. Watching GT cars up to full blown prototypes is always a blast and the race is always competitive.

For 2020 the event had half attendance due to COVID but it had little impact on the experience. There may have been fewer vendors spectacles and the lack of Owners Chalets was a disappointment. Still, smaller crowds meant some of the best views and half of the hassles getting in and out.

When and Where: October 6th-9th, 2021 at Road Atlanta

More information: Petit LeMans

Honorable Mentions

Caffeine and Octane

Sure they are held every month and the revving can get old. But it’s still a mecca of cars and car enthusiasts. Check out our walk thru to get a feel for what the event is like. They also have a quarterly offshoot focused purely on exotics.

When and Where: Held the first Sunday of every month at Perimeter Mall.

More information: Caffeine and Octane

Shine Classic 2021

The kick off to the 24 Hours Of Lemons season, and thanks to a COVID cancelation, the inaugural event for Shift’s 24 Hours Of Lemons team Nein Blinker coming up soon. Alright, we aren’t going to lie this is really a total plug. But hey, it’s one of the events 2021 events we can’t wait for.

While due to COVID spectators are limited, we encourage everyone to check out our team build and see how 4 below average car enthusiasts are able to build an endurance race car.

When and Where: February 5th-7th at Barber Motorsports Park

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