Lemons Car

Yes, That’s A Functioning Beer Keg On A Race Car

If you joined us at Caffeine and Octane or saw any of the posts on Facebook about it, yes that is in fact a fully functioning beer keg on the trunk of an endurance race car.

If you didn’t get a chance to talk to us about why we did this, the answer is simple: We are building an 24 Hours of Lemons endurance race car. As part of our mission at ShiftAtlanta we are illustrating the fun and geeky side of cars, as well as trying to help people understand other ways they can engage in their passions.

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24 Hours of Lemons cars always have a crazy theme. And we thought what better way to play on the humorous side of owning a German car than to put German style beer in the trunk. It fit the concept of 24 Hours Of Lemons and for Shift as it both illustrates how we are here to have fun, but also is pretty damn unique.

We did all of this because Lemons is one of the most accessible forms of endurance racing available. We wanted to illustrate what 4 average Joes and Janes could do. Follow along on the journey with us.

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