Local Flavor: Spending Time With Automotive Legend Chuck Beck

Who Is Chuck Beck?

Chuck Beck is a legend in the car scene. At nearly 80 years old his history spans 6 decades of building and modifying some of the most iconic cars in history. Beck has built cars ranging from high performance production cars to full blown race cars, and even dragsters.

Chuck rose to fame with Shelby Americans infamous Shelby Cobra. However, working with Carol Shelby isn’t his only claim to fame. In addition Chuck Beck built a now famous modern replica of the Porsche 550 Spyder in the 80s. Jay Leno even owns a concept car he built in 1989 called the Shogun.

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Beck 904 – Picture courtesy of Beck904.com

More recently Beck has moved on to building recreation of the Porsche 904, known and sold as the Beck 904. A replica model based upon a dual-purpose street/race car known as a Carrera GTS in the 60s. Only about 100 examples were built, the minimum needed to satisfy the GT class requirement at the time. The Beck 904 however includes some modern touches not available in the 60s for the original model.

An Afternoon With Chuck Beck

Depreciation Nation recently had an opportunity to spend an afternoon with the legend, who now makes his home right here in Georgia.

About Local Flavor Series

Local Flavor is a series of articles where we expand on videos from Atlanta area YouTubers in the Atlanta car scene. We take some of our favorite content from our favorite creators and expand on the conversation like only the Shift community can.

About Depreciation Nation

Depreciation Nation is a team made up by Derriff, Josh, Lavo, and Kyle. Join them as they bring back high-line automobiles with one foot in the scrap yard. They adhere to a very strict budget and, while this series isn’t a how-to, they will show you the processes and costs involved with complete transparency.

You can watch more Depreciation Nation content on their Depreciation Nation YouTube page.

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