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Local Flavor: Cars We Missed On

Ever wished you never sold that car you loved? Or perhaps there was a car you always wanted to buy that that you missed the boat on? This week we expand on Depreciation Nation‘s recent video where they highlight missing the boat on the Honda S2000 and BMW Z3M.

Cars We Missed The Boat On: Honda S2000

Cars We Missed The Boat On: BMW Z3M

Other Cars We Missed The Boat On

In addition to the S2000 and 1998 Z3M that Depreciation Nation nailed, we thought of popular cars the Shift community agreed we missed the boat on (or let go of).

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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8/9

While you could also add the EVO X, or even the DSM on the list, there is no question the EVO was a car many enthusiasts let go of. Including some of our own Shift team. While the EVO never made it to truly “affordable” status they now routinely sell for almost as much as they did new, even as 15 year old cars. Finding a non-modified one is extremely rare. The EVO 8/9 made for both a solid drag platform (with 5 speed transmission) or a great track car (with the 6 speed transmission).


While BMWs have always been enthusiasts car there wasn’t the same love for the E30 in enthusiast circles, often passed aside for the more powerful and modern E36 and E46 3 series. The E30 was quickly overlooked as BMWs grew in popularity.

This was a real shame. Not only did the boxy E30 have a great look that has turned pretty timeless, they were great, light weight platforms. In addition they gave us the first M3.

Sadly if you didn’t get one of these while owners were practically giving them away, you may have missed out. E30s are rising quickly in price.

E30 make great track cars.

Nissan 240SX (S14)

The Nissan 240SX S13 has long held a certain lore in JDM enthusiast circles. However, the S14 was an easier boat to miss. Unlike the S13 which quickly found praise and imports, the S14 was often considered the fat ugly cousin that nobody wanted. It also didn’t come stateside with a SR20 engine, another black eye to early enthusiasts. Nearly a decade later and almost 20 years after most models were built the S14 has captured the enthusiast scene.

Turns out the things that made the S13 great also made the S14 great. In fact, while purists wouldn’t dream of it the expense and complexity of the SR20 engine platform pushed bargain enthusiasts to the KA in the S14. Turns out they were able to extract a lot of power without a lot of money.

S14s, like S13 make great drag cars and drifters. Don’t sleep on their track potential either.

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About Local Flavor Series

Local Flavor is a series of articles where we expand on videos from Atlanta area YouTubers in the Atlanta car scene. We take some of our favorite content from our favorite creators and expand on the conversation like only the Shift community can.

About Depreciation Nation

Depreciation Nation is a team made up by Derriff, Josh, Lavo, and Kyle. Join them as they bring back high-line automobiles with one foot in the scrap yard. They adhere to a very strict budget and, while this series isn’t a how-to, they will show you the processes and costs involved with complete transparency.

You can watch more Depreciation Nation content on their Depreciation Nation YouTube page.

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