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Import Alliance

Event Information

Date: March 25th and 26th, 2023

Type: Large Scale Car Meet

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Location: Atlanta Motor Speedway

More information: importalliance.org

Event Overview

A grass roots style “cruise-in”/meet/show. It’s not a traditional car show in the sense that there is judging, Import Alliance it is about seeing and/or being seen. Import Alliance started near Nashville as just a group and has grown to one of the largest regional car meets in the country.

It primarily focuses on Imports (given the name) but don’t be surprised to see a large variety of cars from Japanese, Korean, German and American car manufacturers.

If you’ve been in the scene for a while, it’s the closest thing left to the old “NOPI Nationals” that use to be such as focus. If you miss the old NOPI shows, or better yet want a more modern version, check out Import Alliance.

Event Venue

Import Alliance occurs at Atlanta Motor Speedway south of Atlanta. It takes place throughout the facility. If you are spectating you can park in the massive parking lots. If you want to park/display your car, you can join infield.

Even if you are not into NASCAR – seeing the track is an event itself. If you haven’t been before, definitely use this opportunity to go down and check it out, it’s a bonus to see one of the largest tracks in the country.

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