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Track Experience: Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

The Porsche Experience Center Atlanta is a crafted high performance driver education venue that contain 5 different curated driving obstacles courses and a one-mile track.  In addition there is an onsite hotel, restaurant and retail outlets. In fact it’s the only place in the country with Porsche, Porsche Design and Porsche Classic retail outlets in a single location.

A typical experience is 90 minutes behind the wheel of the latest model Porsche with a driving coach giving you in-depth instruction as you crest over hills, barrel into corners, or regain control of the car as a kickplate spins you out of control. The experience includes an instructional course with driving coaches that help you hone your skill. 

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The Porsche Experience Center’s 6 different different activities provide a unique driving education experience.

Off-Road Circuit 

Here you get the opportunity to take a Cayenne off-road, all while sitting in the lap of luxury.  You will take this 6 figure SUV on an offroad trail, over hills (including descents) and and through muddy water.  You will also have the opportunity to test your skills and the safety features of the Porsche SUV. 

Low-Friction Circle 

Want to carry out a long and glorious drift?  Yes, you can do that here!  If you get two particularly adept drifters going around, it’s almost like watching synchronized water dancing. It’s a great opportunity to practice your drift skills. Plus, how many people can say they drifted a $100,000+ vehicle?

Dynamics Area 

This large piece of asphalt was as close to an autocross event as you can get here with the slaloms to test your skills of agility on one side. The other half was used as a drag strip where you can test out your ability to launch the car. For those that appreciate straight line speed this is a great opportunity to experience going from 0-60 in three seconds. 

Low-Friction Handling Circuit 

Want to hone those drift skills? You can do it by going around these on-and-off camber corners.  This is one of the best courses here.  It was also the least busy. It feels great consistently carrying understeer around the curves.  Unlike the Low-Friction Circle you are constantly shifting the weight of the car back and forth. It’s definitely next step up drifting.

Kick Plate 

As one of only two in America (the other is at the Porsche Experience Center in LA), this obstacle gives you the thrill and experience of regaining control of your car as you react to a sudden uncontrolled spin.  Given the random aspect to it, this was a thrilling experience. It is by far the best unique experience there. 

One Mile Handling Circuit 

Who wouldn’t want to drive high-end Porsches around a racetrack?Empirically, the Kick Plate should be at the top of this list, but emotionally this one will win out.  Feeling the precision engineering in full and unfettered display in its natural habitat was incredible.   

And while you’ll believe you’ve felt the edge what these cars had to offer when your laps you turn you car over to your driving coach, you’ll see how these cars really come alive in the hands of a professional.  

911 Turbo vs 911 GT3 Experience at PEC 

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The balanced 911 Turbo vs the raw 911 GT3 are exactly the dichotomy Porsche wants you to feel.  It’s amazing to get to feel the nuanced personality of each of these cars.  While many driving experiences let you sample different cars, getting to experience two very different variations of the same model on the same track back to back is fantastic experience.

Compared To Other Driving Experiences

The Porsche Experience Center is unique because it’s not just laps. It’s truly a crafted experience unlike any other. It will test not just your ability to hit an apex, but also your ability to control a vehicle, drift, or even crawl down a hill.

Want to know exactly how this experience was different? Check out a comparison to driving experiences at Xtreme Experience, SpeedVegas and a lap around Road Atlanta. The Porsche Experience Center is also on our list of 10 Things Every Atlanta Car Enthusiast Must Do.

More Information

More information: https://www.porschedriving.com/atlanta

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