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Drivers Festival Recap 2024

Thank you again to all of the volunteers, sponsors, supporting clubs, registrants and attendees that continue to make this a fabolous event that does a lot of good. This year the threat of rain dampened some of the momentum, but we had amazing support from our sponsors and supporting clubs who stuck with. They were rewarded with an event with ZERO rain and what we feel was our best event yet!

Drivers Festival Charitable Mission

If you didn’t attend, or are unfamiliar, one of the primary driving motivators behind this event is that is helps us raise money for charity, specifically the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. For the second year in row we helped raise over $12,000 in a single day.

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Who Showed In The Drivers Festival Car Show

  • Endurance Racecars
  • Dedicated Track Cars
  • Porsches (from classics to GT4RS)
  • Ferraris
  • Corvettes
  • McLaren’s
  • BMW Ms
  • Mustangs
  • Volkswagens
  • Hyundai’s
  • Miatas
  • Cadalliacs
  • EVOs
  • JDM imports
  • and many more

Drivers Festival Photos

What Is The Drivers Festival

When we started what has become the drivers festival a few years ago, we knew we wanted to accomplish a few things. First, we wanted to raise money to support the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, one of our favorite charities. Second, we wanted to bring together people who love to do with their cars. Of course, there is a certain irony in the fact that we’ve chosen a brewery parking lot to celebrate doing with our cars. Still, we wanted to capture the best part of every event – the community. Having a beer or talking cars with your fellow enthusiasts. Last, we wanted to help people learn and connect to do more with their cars.

With that, the Drivers Festival was born. Last year we added a formal car show, but this isn’t your typical gathering of cars or car show. This is about having a beer, talking cars and trading war stories. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try something new – try a track day, give endurance or sprint racing a try, do a car control clinic or try off-roading.


Please, continue to support our sponsors. They are a huge reason raise so much money and they help provide so many things so we can focus on raising money.

Shift Brokers – Ask them about insurance for your car or get a quote for Track Day insurance next time you go out.

Lucky Dog Racing League– For helping us get so many awesome endurance cars out!

Jzilla Track Days – Go support their car control clinics and events coming up this fall at AMP, Road Atlanta and Barber

Detailers Products & Services – Buy some of their detailing products or get a detail service.

Atlanta Motorsports Park – Go consider membership, Karting or join an event.

Pontoon Brewing – For being great hosts and for keeping everyone full of beer.

Speed Foundry Of Roswell – one of Roswell areas best performance shops

Atlanta Speed Company – Subaru and JDM performance specialists

RevMatch – download and install their app

5 Star Corvettes – Go check out their NOPI sponsored show at Atlanta Motor Speedway July 5th and 6th!

Thank you as well to supporting organizations No Garage Queens, Mountain Mix Up Community and ShiftWomen, as well as all of the clubs and groups that came out.

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