Dirt Is Moving At Porsche Experience Center Expansion

The expansion of the Porsche Experience Center is well under way. The planned expansion, which we’ve discussed previously, has made significant progress. In fact, construction as progressed to the point where you can visibly see the new track layout. Thanks to Urbanize Atlanta, we even have a great aerial of it.

The expansion is adding a second driver development track in addition to more parking and the already open Service and Restoration centers. It’s expected to more than double the size of the Experience Center and cost over 50 million dollars.

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Construction is expected to finish by the end of 2023. We are still awaiting details on new experience offers as part of the expansion. For now, you can enjoy board the track and off-road course, as well as simulators, shopping and dining. You can even stay at night at the Kimpton Overland hotel, which we recently named as one of our top hotels for car enthusiasts. Some rooms at the Kimpton feature views of both the track and the flight path at the worlds busiest airport.

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