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Dodge Charger Is Going Electric

Dodge has been hinting at taking it’s muscle car lineup electric for over a year. At the time, their CEO Tim Kuniskis coined it American eMuscle. And now we have our first look at what an all electric charger might be. We also are learning some of the feature concepts Dodge is considering and lets just say, some are a bit cringey.

While American muscle cars moving towards electric vehicles… at least in some form is a trend that started nearly 5 years ago when Ford attached the Mustang name to an all electric compact SUV. Purists may already be rolling their eyes at classic V8 muscle becoming electric, there is even more backlash when traditional names are put on new concepts. The reason? It’s likely early electric buyers like the spirit more than the specific components of a muscle car.

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Dodge however is looking to take a different approach. The Dodge Charger looks to take the high performance, high torque nature of electric cars and build a modern muscle car out of it. Rather than put the Charger name on an SUV, they’ve created a retrostyle car with a modern powerplant.

The new Charger concept is powered by an 800V Banshee motor. It’s expected to produce more power than the Hellcat

But for the company that brought you the Hellcat – and then put that same motor in an SUV – just making a modern electric muscle car wasn’t enough. Dodge decided that one of the best features of muscle cars is the sound. So they created an exhaust that makes, according to them, MORE noise than the V8 powered charger it replaces. That’s right, simulated exhaust noises.

The Charger Daytona SRT Concept voices a 126 dB roar that equals the SRT Hellcat

Dodge Announcement

While we are intrigued by the performance potential of an all electric muscle car, the fake noise trend that started with even internal combustion engines, is a fade that can go ahead and die.

The all electric Dodge Charger is expected to be released sometime in 2024.

You can learn more by watching the video from Dodge below.

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