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Caffeine and Exotics

The original super car show in Atlanta, Caffeine and Exotics, returns Sunday September 17th at Caffeine and Octane’s Lanier Raceway.  Caffeine and Exotics is a collection of 150+ exotics cars on display.

Event Information – Exotic Car Show

Date: September 17th, 2023

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Type: Casual Car Show – Exotic Car Show

Location: Lanier Raceway

Cost: Free To Spectate, Display by Invite

Official Website: https://www.caffeineandexotics.com/

More information: Caffeine and Exotics 2023

Caffeine and Exotics Event Overview

Atlanta’s only regularly scheduled Exotic Car Show. Everyone loves to see supercars and other exotics, and this is your opportunity to see them up close and personal..

This event is very different than the typical monthly Caffeine and Octane show put on by the same team. This event is designed for the majority of attendees to be spectators.

It’s also unique. You won’t see a bigger collection of exotics anywhere, even if you hang out at steakhouses in Buckhead on the weekend. More than just exotics are unique and rare model casrs.

If you’ve seen the Caffeine and Octane display at the AJC Auto Show, this is similar but on an entirely different scale.

Caffeine and Exotics Event Venue

Caffeine and Exotics occurs at Caffeine and Octane owned Lanier Raceway.

Caffeine and Exotics has previously been held at Lenox Mall, City Springs and other locations. For the last few years the event has been held at Lanier Raceway. While a little further out, the additional space and parking has made it easier to spectate.

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