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Atlanta’s Favorite Drag Strip 2023

Congratulations To Silver Dollar Motorsports For Being Voted Best Atlanta Area Drag Strip 2023

Silver Dollar Motorsports Park took home the win with 66% of the vote. Second place vote getting was Carolina Dragway. Given Silver Dollar’s proximity to Atlanta and the fact that it is closest 1/4 mile track to most of Atlanta it’s not a complete surprise that it took home first place.

It’s time to vote Atlanta. We want to know your favorite drag strip in 2023 in the Atlanta area. Silver Dollar Motorsports Park? Paradise? Carolina? LaGrange?

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The rules are simple: Track must be within about 2 hours of Atlanta, must be a track or road course for cars, must be paved. That’s about it.

Vote Now For Your Favorite Drag Strip In Atlanta

Voting is now closed.

Atlanta Area Drag Strips

Below are a list of the Atlanta Area Drag Strips within 2 hours of Atlanta. Did we miss something? Write in above or contact us and let us know.

Silver Dollar Motorsports Park (1/4 mile)

Silver Dollar Motorsports Park is a full 1/4 mile drag strip about 2 hours south of Atlanta.

Carolina Dragway (1/4 mile)

Carolina Dragway, known as “The House Of Hook”, is a full 1/4 mile drag strip located about 2 hours from Atlanta in Aiken, SC. 

Paradise Drag Strip (1/8 mile)

Paradise Drag Strip is an 1/8th mile drag strip located in Calhoun.

LaGrange-Troup County Drag Strip (1/8 mile)

LaGrange-Troup County Drag Strip is an 1/8th mile drag strip located in La Grange, GA about an hour south of Atlanta.

ShiftAtlanta’s Best Of Atlanta Car Scene Series

Voting for your favorite drag strip is just one of the many people’s choice votes we are having about the Atlanta Car Scene. We just recently wrapped up voting for Atlanta’s favorite road course, with Atlanta Motorsports Park pulling off the unexpected upset over Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

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