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ShiftAtlanta Monthly Meet Series

ShiftAtlanta is excited to have a brand new series of monthly meets as we continue to grow as a community. Our monthly meet series will feature a pair of casual, mid-week social meets paired with regular track and other organized activates. Mixed in will be special ShiftAtlanta events.

We choose this approach for a few reasons. First, we wanted to keep the weekends available for driving activities, since that is when most of them occur. Second, we didn’t want to just replicate what everyone else in the scene was doing. Sure, coffee and social meets are not new. But we wanted to make sure they helped build into doing things with our cars. So they are setup to give us a chance to connect during the month before heading out for activities.

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Monthly Social Meets

Our monthly social meets will be at a restaurant, brewery or brew pub monthly on the first Thursday evening of the month. For now, locations will rotate throughout the metro area, primarily around 285.

Each monthly meet will have a theme – a group of car enthusiasts we seek out to come out to our meet. However, everyone is always welcome at our events. We can’t stress this enough – there is no gate keeping here, ShiftAtlanta is for everyone regardless of the type of car you drive or where you are located.

Motors And Macchiatos

In addition to our monthly social, we have a monthly mid-week coffee meetup. These smaller, casual events feature give us a chance to break up our week. The events are held around the metro, usually around 285. They are the generally the third Wednesday each month in the morning.

Other Events

In addition to the monthly meets, we will have a series of regular and ad-hoc meets.

Drivers Festival

Our annual charity car show and gathering of track and racing enthusiasts in a one of a kind event. Cars, beer, games and fun. Plus a car show like you’ve never experienced! We’ll be announcing details of the 2024 drivers festival soon.

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