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Shift Up Now And Jzilla Team Up

Recently local track experience company and popular HPDE operator Jzilla announced a partnership with Shift Up Now, a group dedicated to empowering women racers and track enthusiasts.

Are you a member of The Inside Track by non profit organization, Shift Up Now? If not, not only are you missing out on some great comradery with women racers but the chance to make a difference in how many women get their seasons funded.

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Racing is expensive- we know this. But just like funding in the business world, talented women everywhere are just NOT receiving the funds. We joined Shift Up Now as founding members because we believe that they are the organization that can start bringing about change.

This is why we’re thrilled to see the partnership between Jzilla Track Days and Shift Up now. Jzilla offering 10% off track days to members and offering up 4 entries that you can win through a members only drawing.

We over at ShiftAtlanta and our sister organization Shift Brokers have attended many Jzilla track days. The vibe is always good, the coaches and instructors are helpful and patient and the community of track goers in attendance will step in to guide, offer assistance and help create cool opportunities (ride alongs, anyone?).

This quote from owner James Marcellana says it all:

With more than fifty nationalities that have driven with the JZilla group, and a partnership with Zekentic to help us get more wheelchair-access drivers on track, the partnership with Shift Up Now will complete our definition on what we feel is motorsport inclusivity,

James Marcellana – Jzilla Track days

About Jzilla Track Days

Zilla Track Days started in 2010 as a small group of close friends with the shared desire for driving and cars. It has since turned into an automotive community of 4,600 drivers, and welcoming more than 300 first-timers each year.

About Shift Up Now

The Shift Up Now Foundation will assist female athletes in motorsport by supplying funding that allows access to better equipment and better resources, help further their careers with opportunities to rise to, and compete in, the highest echelons of motorsport.

We believe that with equal funding, and equal opportunities, we will see more women on the podium, and winning races, allowing them the ability to climb the motorsport ladder, and inspire the next generations of racers who will follow.

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