Drivers Festival And Car Show Date and Location Announced

Today, ShiftAtlanta announced the 2nd Annual Drivers Festival and Car Show will be July 15th at Pontoon Brewing in Sandy Springs. For our 2nd year we are going to have cars, activities, charity raffle prizes and vendors in our showcase.

The Drivers Festival and Car Show benefits the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, which helps families transition out of homeless. Atlanta Children’s Shelter is one of Atlanta’s truly mission focused charities. In that vein, the Drivers Festival is a truly charity first event. The show operates as minimally as possible. Almost everything we need from space to raffle prizes is donated, which means we give 98% of all dollars collected from entry fees and raffle tickets. And not just profits, but dollars collected. In addition, any donations made onsite go directly to the shelter.

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Last year we raised over $8,200 dollars and we hope to smash that amount this year. And we plan to have a great time sharing our love of cars, drivers and tracks with attendees.

What’s In Store For The Drivers Festival And Car Show 2023

Car Show

Unique twist on car shows focused on exotic, high performance, off-road and track cars. Classes are expected to include endurance, track, super/exotic, drift, offroad and more.

Pre-Registration will be $25 per car and all registration money will go directly to the charity. Pre-Registration will open 5/31. Car clubs and groups can get special parking together.

Charity Raffle

Donations from our sponsors will be raffled off to raise money for the Children’s Shelter. 100% of all raffle ticket money is donated directly to the charity, we don’t use any proceeds for the operation of the event or to buy the raffle items. Raffle items will include track day entries, race series drivers fees, racing equipment and gear, car care and detailing products and much much more.

Vendor Showcase

A number of sponsors will be on had to talk cars, racing, track days, detailing, insurance and just about anything else high performance car related.


We’ll have 2 food trucks plus an ice cream truck.

About The Location and Event

We’re really excited about the new location, which is easier to to access, larger and Pontoon Brewing has been such a supportive partner. Keeping with the feel of the original event, ShiftAtlanta knew we wanted to keep the event at a brewery. It help ensures the event stays casual and relaxed, focusing on the community for cars and drivers.

Despite being at a brewery, the event remains family friendly. The organized kids area, where parents can play games and activities with their kids, will be returning. We are also hoping to bring back municipal vehicles that will be exciting for kids of all ages.

About Pontoon Brewing

Pontoon Brewing was founded by a group of longtime pals and home brewers who are passionate about developing awesomely scrumptious beer for the Pontoon Lifestyle. We all shared a passion for craft beer, and home brewing together on the weekends quickly became something we always looked forward to. Following long discussions about attempting our dreams we decided to share our passion and start Pontoon Brewing Company in 2014.  The “Pontoon Lifestyle” is the idea of escaping the daily stresses and relaxing on a pontoon boat. For those unfamiliar, a Pontoon boat is commonly known as a slow moving party platform; it can’t go far and can’t go fast so might as well drink.

About Atlanta Children’s Shelter

Founded in 1986 by the Junior League of Atlanta and located in the North Avenue Presbyterian Church, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter provides free, quality day care, emotional support, an educational curriculum for homeless children, and focused social services for their families.

Dedicated to helping families overcome the issues that contribute to homelessness, including domestic violence and job loss, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter focuses on the long term self sufficiency of the family – which sets us apart from other Atlanta homeless shelters.

Since 1986, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter has cared for almost 8,000 children and provided services for more than 5,000 families.

About ShiftAtlanta

ShiftAtlanta’s mission is to provide knowledge and opportunities to create a measurable reduction in real and perceived barriers that often prevent car enthusiasts from doing more with their passion.  ShiftAtlanta achieves this by providing access to events, community, reporting and articles on the Atlanta car scene.  

The whole Shift Atlanta team is aligned in our goal to address the gap that we believe exists in the automotive scene, create authentic experiences, share knowledge and build a community with unique perspectives.

We aim to reduce barriers to these passions by removing gate keeping, reaching underrepresented groups, helping with cost management and by providing options to reduce or manage to perceived risks.  Each of these may be internal to the individual, collective in the car culture or existential within the larger community.

ShiftAtlanta focuses heavily on driving car enthusiasts, however, we seek a community that respects and encourages people to explore their hobby, which can include car shows, lowriders, off-roading and much more.

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