Drag Racing 2.0 Bill Proposed

Since the pandemic, communities across Georgia, but particularly in metro Atlanta have struggled with “illegal street racing”. A new bill proposed would give additional tools to law enforcement in the battle against this. It also would, according to supporters, close a number of loop holes. Opponents note the expanded reach could leave innocent bystanders the target of law enforcement.

The bill, officially known as SB10, would further increase fines, adds additional punishments for being considered an “organizer” and even allow judges to limit or take away the drivers license of those participating. This is in addition to the existing bills that allow for fines, jail time and impounding of the vehicles.

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The bill has made it out of committee, which is generally considered the first step in a bill having an real shot of becoming law. A number of politicians believe the bill will pass. It’s likely to come back up during this session and is expected to have broad bipartisan support.

Right on the surface, ShiftAtlanta notes much of the reporting around this bill talks about the problem of stunt driving and illegal street take overs, not “racing”. Still, law enforcement, politicians and the media still conflate the issues with illegal street racing. In addition to wanting to correct misperceptions about the car scene and car enthusiasts in general, we also think this has the possibility to bring unwanted attention to those would high performance or modified vehicles because the loose terminology.

Of course, here at ShiftAtlanta, our goal isn’t to judge these enthusiasts. We do however, want to continue to push for car enthusiasts to find legal and safe outlets. It not only protects those individuals and their cars, but it also helps protect our collective hobby. When new laws are passed cracking down on any car enthusiasts, it often impacts us all.

If you are looking for legal outlets to get on track, drift, drag race or other ways to enjoy your car, check out our calendar of events.

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