Atlanta Driving Society August 5th Track Day Moved And Expands

This weekend Atlanta Driving Society announced that their August 5th track day, originally scheduled to be at Atlanta Motorsports Park, will be moving to Road Atlanta. In addition to the move, the event will expand to the full weekend covering both Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th.

In addition to the move, Atlanta Driving Society announced special weekend pricing – $350 for a single day, but a whopping $125 off for both days at $575. Atlanta Driving Society also announced that run groups would be capped at 30 cars.

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What to know what to expect at an Atlanta Driving Society event? We’ve recently did a review of Atlanta Driving Society‘s to give you an idea of the feel of their events. Atlanta Driving Society was also a recent sponsor of our charity driven 2nd Annual Drivers Festival, so we highly encourage you to support them as you would all of our sponsors who give back to both good causes and the community.

We’re excited to see a local operator growing their offers and taking on a bigger weekend at a popular track like Road Atlanta.


Where: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

When: August 5th and 6th, 2023

More Details and Registration: Registration

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