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Atlanta Car Events We Can’t Wait For In 2023

As we roll towards the back of half of 2023, we thought it was a great time to look through the ShiftAtlanta calendar of Atlanta events and share the top events, car shows and motorsports events we can’t wait for. While there are so many to choose from, there were a handful that immediately jumped out.

Atlanta Car Events We Can’t For In 2023

Helen Import Day 2023

A classic import car show is always a welcome occasion. Mix in Helen, which is always an enjoyable visit and you have the makings of a uniquely Georgia car show experience. And we are here for it. Sure, it’s essentially just a car show in a field with limited parking and crowded restaurants. But it’s still a blast and we’re looking forward to it again in 2023.

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When: August 5th 8am-5pm

More Information: Helen Import Day 2023

cleanculture Atlanta Fall 2023

One of the great car and drift shows celebrating Japanese culture is always one of our favorites. And the return of the big show at Atlanta Motor Speedway is even better news. There are a lot of great import car, Japanese culture and drift shows in the Atlanta area, but the quality of the cars on display and authenticity of the event is second to none.

When: September 16th 8am-5pm at Atlanta Motor Speedway

More Information: Clean Culture Atlanta Fall 2023

2023 Z Nationals

A weekend of classic, 90s, and modern Z cars including car show and track day? Yes please! Atlanta has always been a Z town, way back to the days when Z Car Atlanta has the pincle of the scene. And yet, Z1 has taken Z cars to a whole new level. Plus, with the added excitement of the recently updated Z from Nissan themselves, this is going to be a great event for car enthusiasts even if you don’t own Z car.

The track day is held at Atlanta Motorsports Park, while the car show is at Z1 headquarters in Douglasville.

When: Track Day: September 29th, Car Show: September 30th

More Information: 2023 Z Nationals

Petit Le Mans

Without question the best professional motorsports event in the Atlanta area returns for 2023 at Road Atlanta. Serving as the season finale for IMSA WeatherTech series this 4 day event is the pinnacle of motorsports in metro Atlanta. It’s also one of our must do activities for car enthusiasts in Atlanta.

In addition to the racing, you can walk the paddocks and see the cars up close. There is also a fan zone and with car corral parking featuring Porsches, Corvettes and BMWs its also like a mini car show. So what are you waiting for? Hop on tickets now, particularly camping or car corrals now as they almost always sell out.

When: October 11th thru October 14th

More Information: Petit Le Mans 2023

Atlanta Car Events We Can’t Wait For Honorable Mentions

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival 2023

We love the Chattanooga motorcar festival. It’s a really unique event. Not only is it based around vintage cars racing and showing, but they literally turn downtown Chattanooga into a race track! In fact, we wish Atlanta in general would support for street level racing events.

While this event normally would make this list, for some odd reason they organizers decided to schedule it the same weekend at Petit Le Mans.

When: October 13th thru October 15th

More Information: Chattanooga Motorcar Festival 2023

Atlanta Car Events We Wished Had Been Back In 2023

Why2K Atlanta

While we are still holding out hope Why2K wasn’t a 1 time event, so far we haven’t been told anything, public or not, about a potential return in late 2023 or 2024. Why2K was a car show that celebrated all things 90s and 2000s in the car scene. This takes us back to the hayday, when Imports vs. Domestics raged and we all sat around hoping one day we would be able to get our hands on a unique Japanese import.

Atlanta Car Events On This List You Already Missed

Atlanta Lowrider Super Show 2023

Not your typical car show in the Atlanta area, particular from an organization like ShiftAtlanta that focuses on drivers. But this is a must see in our opinions. And not just for the lowriders, but the lowrider bikes. These, while not cars, are some of our favorite parts of the scene.

Of course, in addition to the Lowrider bikes you also get a great car show featuring classic loweriders to modern trucks. Plus there is always great food and music.

This year the show moves back outdoors to Jim R Miller park after spending last year inside at the Cobb Galleria.

When: June 24th 12pm-6pm at Jim R Miller Park

More Information: Atlanta Lowrider Super Show 2023

Drivers Festival And Car Show 2023

Alright, this may be a little shameless self promotion, but we legitimately can’t wait for this event. While there are plenty of car shows and car meets at breweries, this one stands out. First, it’s focused on track cars and drivers, rather than traditional show cars. Second, while there are lots of meets at breweries, the Drivers Festival and Car Show actually encourages you to get a beer and walk through the car show. You don’t just look at cars and go inside. Third, you’ll see some cars you are not likely to see at most car shows – including themed endurance cars, one of which serves beer samples using a functioning tap on the track.

When: July 15th 11am-3pm at Pontoon Brewing.

More Information: driversfestival.com

Recap: Drivers Festival Recap

Honorable Mention Events That You Already Missed

BimmerLife’s MiX Weekend 2023

A weekend of all things BMW at their plant in SC? Laps in M cars? The largest gathering of BMWs, probably anywhere? Yep, we’re in!

When: June 23rd thru 25th.

More Information: BimmerLife’s MiX Weekend 2023

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