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Drivers Festival 2023 Recap

Wow, we’re blow away by the support and turnout for this event. We easily had 90+ cars in the display area at different times, 500+ spectators and we could build a whole another show out of the cool cars in the spectator lot! So many people told us what a great time they had and for our organizers and volunteers that means so much.

Amount Raised

As of the writing of this article we’ve passed raising $11,000 and we’re still getting donations and counting funds we received from Saturday!

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Event Recap

We’re not sure words can do it justice so we’ve been trying to compile all of the pictures people has sent us, or posted and allowed us to use. We were almost totally overwhelmed by how crowded and popular the event was. We had completely sold out and were on a wait list, and yet we tried to cram cars into every little corner we had in the display space. As anyone left, or couldn’t make it, we filled it with someone.

Still, despite this we could have double the show space! There were literally track cars and Porsche GT3s in the spectator lot. Next year we’ll work on having more show space and additional instruction to get more vehicles in the show.

Who Showed In The Drivers Festival Car Show

  • Endurance Racecars
  • Dedicated Track Cars
  • Porsches (from classics to GT4RS to offroad prepped Cayenne’s)
  • Ferraris
  • Lamborghini’s
  • Corvettes
  • McLaren’s
  • BMW Ms
  • Mustangs
  • Jeeps
  • 4Runners
  • Volkswagens
  • Hyundai’s
  • Miatas
  • and more

Trophies And Winners

We loved the trophies and can’t think Tracktrophies.com enough for providing them! They looked amazing and our winners loved them!

People’s Choice – Miata Endurance

Best Track Dedicated – GT4RS

Best Race/Endurance – BMW Endurance

Best Exotic – Green McLaren

Best General/Show – STi

K Proctor Photo

All pictures below were provided courtesy of K Proctor Photo.

Auto Shine Detailing

All pictures below were provided courtesy of Auto Shine Detailing.

What Is The Drivers Festival

When we started what has become the drivers festival last year, we knew we wanted to accomplish a few things. First, we wanted to raise money to support the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, one of our favorite charities. Second, we wanted to bring together people who love to do with their cars. Of course, there is a certain irony in the fact that we’ve chosen a brewery parking lot to celebrate doing with our cars. Still, we wanted to capture the best part of every event – the community. Having a beer or talking cars with your fellow enthusiasts. Last, we wanted to help people learn and connect to do more with their cars.

With that, the Drivers Festival was born. This year we added a formal car show, but don’t expect this to be like a typical gathering of cars or car show. This is about having a beer, talking cars and trading war stories. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try something new – try a track day, give endurance or sprint racing a try, do a car control clinic or try off-roading.


Please, continue to support our sponsors. They are a huge reason raise so much money and they help provide so many things so we can focus on raising money.

Atlanta Driving Society and Point By Photography Ltd Co. – Go support their August 5th and 6th day at Road Atlanta

Lucky Dog Racing League– For helping us get so many awesome endurance cars out!

Jzilla Track Days – Go support their car control clinics and events coming up this fall at AMP, Road Atlanta and Barber

Shift Brokers – Ask them about insurance for your car or get a quote for Track Day insurance next time you go out.

Detailers Products & Services – Buy some of their detailing products or get a detail service.

Super Overland Outfitters – Get your overland or tailgate gear from them.

Atlanta Motorsports Park – Go consider membership, Karting or join an event.

Track Trophies – Thank you for these killer trophies!!!

Pontoon Brewing – For being great hosts and for keeping everyone full of beer.

Savoy Automobile Museum– Go visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you as well to supporting organizations No Garage Queens, Skottles and Bottles, DDATL Exotics and all of the clubs and groups that came out.

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