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Road Atlanta

Officially “Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta” is a 2.54 mile course in Braselton. Opened in the early 1970s it’s been Atlanta’s road course for 5 decades. It features 12 turns and is primarily known for hosting the IMSA’s Petit Le Mans annually in October.

Fans of Forza Motorsports have likely driven the virtual version of the course. There are a number of high performance driving events annually that allow sportsman and enthusiasts the opportunity to get on track.

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Road Atlanta features famous, including Atlanta’s largest motorsports event Petit Le Mans.

Atlanta Motorsports Park

One of the countries first “country clubs for car enthusiasts”, Atlanta Motorsports Park is a semi-private two mile track with an accompanying .85 mile Karting track. It’s located just west of Dawnsonville.

While AMP primarily caters to their members and special events, you can easily find high performance driving events and guest days available to get on track.

In addition to the track they have a number of facilities including rental carts, club house and even garages (though the later is for members).

Talladega Gran Prix

Talladega Gran Prix, also know as “Lil Talladega”, is a 1.4 mile track located about an hour and a half west of Atlanta near Talladega, AL. But don’t mistake this for the NASCAR track. TGP is a pure road course.

TGP got it’s start as a motorcycle track hosting a number of events. In recent years it’s grown in popularity for cars and karting. It is one of the easiest and least expensive tracks to attend an event at. However, despite its lower cost and motorcycle beginnings it’s still a highly technical and exciting course for car enthusiasts.

Barber Motorsports Park

Barber Motorsports Park is located about 2 hours west of Atlanta, just outside Birmingham, AL.  The track itself is 2.38 miles and is one of the most sought after tracks to drive in the entire southeast.  In addition to the track, the park hosts a fantastic museum.

Barber Motorsports Park features a number of professional events, including Indy Car, as well as sports man racing and track days.  In fact, if you can find a list of Barber Motorsports Park Track Day events with our handy calendar.

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