2023 Atlanta Region SCCA Autocross Schedule Announced

The Atlanta Region SCCA has announced the Solo Autocross Schedule for the 2023 season. The 2023 schedule consists of 8 points events, plus a championship, 3 Introduction To Autocross events to introduce new autocrossers to the sport and at least 3 Test and Tune (open run) days.

You can head over to ShiftAtlanta’s Atlanta Calendar Atlanta Area Autocross Events List the Atlanta Region SCCA autocross page for a complete schedule.

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As in the past, each event will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. All events are put on by the Atlanta Regional SCCA.

Atlanta Solo Autocross Schedule

Below is an excerpt of the upcoming schedule as provided by the Atlanta Region SCCA.

Saturday March 4th: Test, Tune and Giggles

Sunday March 5th: Points 1

Saturday April 1st: Intro to Autocross

Sunday April 2nd: Points 2

Sunday May 7th: Points 3

Saturday June 3rd: Intro to Autocross

Sunday June 4th: Points 4

Saturday and/or Sunday July 22nd/23rd: Special Event – Limited number of entries – TBD

Saturday August 19th: Fun Event/Test Tune (Pre-Solo Nats)

Sunday August 20th: Points 5

Saturday September 16th: Intro to Autocross

Sunday September 17th: Points 6

Saturday October 21st: Driving School/Fun Day/Test and Tune

Sunday October 22nd: Points 7

Saturday November 11th: Points 8

Sunday November 12th: Champion of Champions Events

More details on ShiftAtlanta’s Atlanta Calendar Atlanta Area Autocross Events List

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