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Scalar Performance EV Testing At Atlanta Motorsports Park

We had the pleasure of getting to watch the Scalar Performance EV race car make a few test laps at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Needless to say, we were impressed. There are a lot of assumptions about EVs as track, race or enthusiasts vehicles. Much of it coming from those who simply don’t want to admit that while EVs are both different and still immature, some of REALLY impressive. This one is impressive.

We had a chance to see this car in action during a private member day at Atlanta Motorsports Park. As a bonus, none other than local race car driver and TV personality Randy Pobst was behind the wheel. This is not your ordinary EV race. This was the full package – performance, race prepped and that sound. It’s like a supercharger whine without the supercharge.

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Give it a quick listen:

One of the things we loved about this particular car is we are starting to see what EVs can be. More than just a quiet electric car that people who don’t want to pay for gas drive. Don’t get us wrong, we still love our ICE based cars. But we’re not afraid of the future, and this gives us hope.

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