Proposed New Atlanta Street Racing Law Would Suspend License For 5 Year Or More

As reported by multiple outlets, including WSB TV, the proposed new anti-street racing measure to rachet up punishments for street racing. Named for Erica Pines who was severely injured by street racers, the new law was introduced through a resolution by Atlanta City Councilwoman Keisha Waites.

The new law is intended to substantially increase the impact of being caught and convicted of street racing in Atlanta.

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This legislation aims to save lives. It’s as simple as that,

Atlanta City Councilwoman Keisha Waites

The proposed enhanced punishments include:

  • 1st offense: 5 Year License Suspension
  • 2nd offense: 10 Year License Suspension
  • 3rd offense: Up To Lifetime Suspension

While the bill targets street racing, the resolution allowing the enhanced punishments to be tied to a number of speed and reckless driving related violations. The legislation proposes enforcement the suspensions for drag or street racing, reckless driving, or traveling at unsafe speed limits.

Whether the scope is too broad may depend on enforcement, but there may be some pushback regarding the broad number of charges that could bring substantial punishments.

Multiple High Profile Speed And Racing Related Accidents

While Erica’s Law is named for a specific incident, there have been a number of high profile crashes and wrecks related to illegal racing, excessive speed or reckless driving. This includes the tragic death this summer of Project EG founder and the wife and children of a Sheriff’s debut. Other recent events include vehicle flipping off of an I85 overpass, a racing accident in Cobb that claimed the life of an unrelated driver and many more.

These deaths and injuries, along with a general sense of lawlessness of takeovers, street racing and excessive speeding have brought a slew of new proposed laws through the state and metro area. Needless to say for the benefit of the car scene, ideally the car scene will be able to self regulate. There have certainly been plenty of legal opportunities to go fast and race throughout the area.

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