Panamera Turbo S Sets Road Atlanta Lap Record

The Porsche Panamera has always been an incredible machine. Defying it’s size and nearly 2.5 ton weight to produce truly impressive lap times, the Panamera is at it again. This time, the latest iteration of the Panamera Turbo S sets the lap record for fastest sedan at Road Atlanta.

The lap record, 1:31.51 was absolutely impressive. It also was 7th fastest lap recorded for a product car. The fastest was the 991 GT2 RS at 1:24.88. The lap time was also 2 seconds faster than the Taycan, Porsche’s hot new 4 door, all electric model.

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Behind the wheel was racing car driver Leh Keen. “The engineers found a perfect balance,” said Keen. “They really made it feel small and sporty. The stability gave me a ton of confidence to use every bit of the asphalt and curbs.”

Check out the drivers view video below of the run.

Drivers View Video

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