Oak Ridge Motorsports Park Fails

UPDATE: Oakridge Motorsports Park Reborn as Flatrock USA

Despite two rounds of initial approvals by the Oak Ridge city council, as it stands currently Oak Ridge Motorsports Park will not be happening. The sticking point was the need for additional environmental study, estimated to cost $7 million dollars. City officials received word from the Department of Energy mandating the additional assessment.

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According to WBIR the issue centers around a 2003 agreement between the Department of Energy and city that labels explicit uses covered by the existing environmental assessment. Given a motorsports park is not covered, the additional study would be necessary. It did not appear the city or the organization who would operate the motorsports park we willing to proceed.

Oak Ridge Motorsports Park is now expected to move to another location near Knoxville. Representatives appeared to already have backup options already in mind. At the time of the news report they noted they have several “shovel ready” options avaiable.

“I am excited about potential new locations and I think our supporters and motorsports enthusiasts from around the country will be too,” Bittle said. “I look forward to sharing specific details very soon.”

Quote from Randy Bittle, Founder

Stay tuned for further updates. We are still excited at the possibility of yet another motorsports park within several hours of the Atlanta area.

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