Flooding Closes Road Atlanta For 3 Weeks Causing Chin Track Days Cancellation

The recent inclement weather system coming through Atlanta has caused significant impact to an iconic Atlanta Motorsports insinuation. Road Atlanta has suffered significant flooding causing the track to shut down for the next three weeks.

The following statement was released by the management team at Road Atlanta.

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The flooding appears to have washed out a section of the Road Atlanta course forcing repairs on the track. While it is unfortunately that Chin Track Days, one of the long time local HPDE and Track Day event companies, was impacted by this the management of Road Atlanta indicated that canceling the event was necessary to make repairs and ensure the track was fully functioning through the rest of the year.

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta has announced an unforeseen closure for urgent track maintenance. A substantial section of track surface will be demo’d for major rehab, taking about 3 weeks.

Chin Track Days Statement

We’ll keep everyone updated on the results of the repairs. In the mean time if you are looking for alternate Chin Track Days or other events at Road Atlanta, check out our list of Atlanta Area Track Days.

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