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Experience Spotlight: JZilla Track Days

We sat down with James Marcellana and Gino Manley of JZilla Track Days to find out how they got started, what makes them unique and how they’ve fueled the incredible growth. We learned that some of the greatest things about Atlanta’s car culture were founded on mutual interest discovered randomly.

Introduce JZilla Track Days

In their own words:

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“Jzilla Track Days is an Automotive Adventure company.  It does not matter what you drive, It’s about what drives you. We are more than an HPDE, we are an Automotive Adventure company.  We take trips to Europe and drive Spa and Nurburgring with an arrive and drive program.  We also do car control clinics and higher education in driving.”

Tell Us About The JZilla Community You’ve Built

“We like to pride ourselves with having one of the best car communities out there.  When you come to a Jzilla Day, you’ll end up with at least 10 new friends you will have for life.”

Jzilla driving coach, Gino Manley who is also a pro IMSA driver

What prompted you to get started doing what you do? 

“The organization evolved from my bachelor party.”

What is your favorite vehicle to work on (if applicable)? 

“Joe, owner of Rspeed once told me, I’ll pay you to never work on your car.  Right now most of the work is done by a Marietta Specialist called Atlanta Speed Company”

What do you wish was different about car culture/car people? 

“I wish people would appreciate what others are doing more rather than making fun of them. Enjoy your car to the fullest.  Whether it’s making it shiny or driving on a race track.”

All of us at ShiftAtlanta share that sentiment!

How Can You Learn More and Get On Track

JZilla’s next Atlanta area event for the 2021 season:

What: Friendsgiving- all makes and models welcome for 6 twenty minute sessions. Instruction available for novice drivers.

When: November 22nd

Where: Barber Raceway (Alabama)

Pricing: $300

More Informationhttp://www.jzillatrackdays.com/schedule

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