Drivers Festival Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the common questions for both spectators and attendees we get about the Drivers Festival and Car Show. You can contact us if you have additional questions.

General Information

Q: How Do I Register My Car Or Get Tickets?

A: Cars that want to be in the show, display, park with car clubs or otherwise be in reserved spaces require registration. More details are listed below. Spectators and spectator parking is free, there are no tickets required.

You can register or get spectator tickets at https://driversfestival.com

Q: What Money Goes To Charity?

A: Minus applicable credit card fees all money from registrations (car show/reserved parking), raffle ticket sales and direct donations go directly to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. No money is taken from these areas to fund show operations.

Most sponsors donate raffle items and promotional support in lieu of cash. We run a very lien organization to maximize the giving power of the event. Even the space and location are donated.

Money spent with vendors (not raffles), food trucks and the brewery are not donated.

Q: What Is The Charity?

A: The Charity Is Atlanta Children’s Shelter. Their mission is to to break the cycle of poverty for families facing homelessness by building pathways to long-term self-sufficiency, and providing quality early childhood education.

Atlanta Children’s Shelter is a Atlanta based 501(c)3. Atlanta Children’s Shelter will be on site during the event.

Q: Do You Disclose How Much You Raise?

A: Yes, we always disclose how much we raise. Without being a knock on other “charity” events, we like people to know exactly who and how much money the charity gets from this event. It’s the entire goal. In 2023 we raised over $12,000 at this event.

Q: Is ShiftAtlanta A Charity/Beneficiary?

A: ShiftAtlanta is not a charity, we just host the event. We do not directly benefit from the event and do not take a fee or keep any portion of the charity funds. This is our opportunity to share a community we are passionate about. ShiftAtlanta volunteers for the event and pays some of the operating costs out of pocket.

Q: What Else Will There Be Besides A Car Show?

A: The event is held at a Brewery, so beer will be available. There will also be food trucks, including an ice cream truck. There will also be music, a kids area, municipal vehicles (fire truck and police cars expected), and a driver meet and greet.

Q: Is The Event Family Friendly?

A: Yes!

Q: Is The Event Pet Friendly?

A: Yes, on a leash.

Car Show And Reserved Parking

Q: I’m Not Really A Car Show Person And Not Sure Why My Track/Race/Shitbox Would Make a Good Show Car

Q: Is The Car Show Judged?

Q: Is This A Cruise In?

A: We figured we’d answer both of these at once. This isn’t a typical car show. In our opinion – race, track, drift, drag racing, high performance and other cars ARE show cars. They just aren’t that kind of show car. Everyone loves to check out each others cars when we get together to race or meet, why not do it while doing some good?

We get together, checkout each others cars, have a few brews and hopefully learn something int he process. And then people who donate get to tell us which cars and people they enjoyed the most. It’s fun and it’s to help raise money.

For this reason this show is not “judged”, but it’s also not a cruise in. Display parking is one of key ways we raise money.

Q: Wait, So Can I Cheat And Just Buy A Bunch Of Votes To Win?

A: Yes! And It’s happened. And not only does it not bother us, it’s encouraged! Though we do ask that you keep your cheating to donating a lot of money to the charity, rather than other forms of cheating.

Q: If I Don’t Want To Be In The Car Show, But Do Want To Park With A Vendor, Car Show, Or In The Display Area, Do I Still Need To Register?

A: Yes, anyone who would like to park a vehicle in the car show, vendor, car club, reserved or display areas must be registered. Registration requires a $25 donation to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, which can be made online. You can register online via the Drivers Festival website.

Vendors can speak with us directly about arranging available show or parking credits for themselves, customers or others.

Q: Do I Have To Register In Advance?

A: No, but space is limited. Last year we sold out and many people who waited until the day of were not able to get a display spot. We try our best to get everyone in because it helps us raise money, but the best way to be sure is to go ahead and register. It’s only $25 and it goes to charity.

Q: What Kind Of Cars Are Allowed?

A: While the event targets drivers cars – race, track, drift, drag racing, performance, exotic, etc – this event is open to anyone and everyone. We had everything from full race-prepped cars to EVs and offroaders last year.

Q: Is Show/Club/Reserved Parking Limited?

A: Yes, there are a maximum number of spaces available and they could sell out, like they did last year. Be sure to register ahead of time.

Q: Is Show/Club/Reserved Parking Assigned?

A: Yes, show, club and reserved parking will be assigned. Please make sure you register to get a space.

Q: Do I Have To Park With A Club?

A: No, open/general reserved parking is an option when registering.

Q: My Club Isn’t Listed

A: Club and group parking is limited to clubs with a commitment to bring a certain number of cars. If you made arrangements and feel this is in error, please contact us. If your club didn’t pre-arrange a commitment, we’ll do our best to park you together.

Q: I Registered But Can’t Make It, Can I Get a Refund

A: Registrations are donations to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. For the benefit of their organization, we ask you consider letting it go. That said, if you just can’t make it and need a refund, you can reach out to us to request a refund or you can give/sell/transfer the registration to someone else. Just email us and we can get it transferred. Note: No refunds will be processed once we get to 24 hours before the show.

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