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Do you love the Atlanta car scene? Have a knack for writing, photography or both? Maybe just want to get to go to car meets for free in exchange for documenting? Good news! ShiftAtlanta is growing and we are looking to add contributors to our team.

ShiftAtlanta has a number of open spots at different levels of commitment. If you are interested in being more involved, or are looking to make money covering, the Atlanta car scene this is a great opportunity to get engaged.

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ShiftAtlanta is seeking three different levels of contributors. The first is volunteer, community submitted coverage of events. In addition, we are seeking prosumer/semi-pro fixed fee article submissions for consideration. Finally, we are looking for fully researched, professional free lance automotive writers for major pieces. More details on each below.

Community Contributors

ShiftAtlanta has always been a community driven organization. We are seeking volunteer and community contributors who are looking for an opportunity to share their insights or point of view, as well as a chance to attend car meets for free. Who doesn’t love free.

ShiftAtlanta will reimburse you for reasonable, pre-approved, attendance and food costs in exchange for pictures, notes or even complete articles for any agreed to event in the Atlanta car scene. As long as the contributors remain mutually beneficial, we will gladly continue to review and approve events for you to cover.

Community contributors are considered on a case by case basis and need no previous experience.

Fixed Fee Article and Photography Submissions

ShiftAtlanta is seeking pro-sumer/semi-pro photographers and writers who would like to submit event coverage on a “fixed fee” basis. If you are not familiar with the term, Fixed Fee contributors are those who are attending events and are to write, note or photograph coverage and provide that to ShiftAtlanta for a pre-defined fixed fee we agree to up front.

Fixed fees are generally determined up front, but can be submitted for consideration upon submission. ShiftAtlanta will consider each complete submission and the estimated fee. We will either propose a counter amount, decline or accept.

Fixed Fee offers must be inclusive of any and all costs and fees, as well as the rights to use the content for commercial purposes.

Professional Freelance Writers

ShiftAtlanta has a number of article opportunities that we are willing to hire contract professional freelance writers for. ShiftAtlanta seeks freelance writers who are credentialed and/or willing to submit specific examples of automotive event coverage articles they’ve written in the past.

ShiftAtlanta will consider per article compensation, as well as per hour. For the latter, estimated time and scope alignment is request.

General Notes and Disclaimers

Works submitted in exchange for reimbursement become the exclusive property of ShiftAtlanta. ShiftAtlanta will remain under no obligation to accept any offer unless agreed upon.

All contributors will be considered volunteers or freelance contractors. Nothing in these arrangements will be construed as an offer for employment. Contributors may not identify themselves as officers or employees of ShiftAtlanta.

All contributions must be wholly owned by the submitting contributor, who will provide a commercial use license to ShiftAtlanta. This includes any pictures submitted. ShiftAtlanta must be free and clear to use the accepted submissions for any purpose, unless agreed to up front.

ShiftAtlanta reserves the right to end an contributor relationship at any time, with no remedy other than remittance for any pre-approved payments.

ShiftAtlanta will not, under any circumstances, pay or reimburse any non pre-approved costs or additional fees.

All contributors will be considered 1099 contractors.

Contact Us To Get Started

You can reach us to ask questions, submit articles or discuss arrangements for an assignment by heading over to our contact us page.

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