Caffeine and Octane’s Rules Enforcement Rile Some, Encourage Others

Caffeine and Octane recently took to social media ahead of their March 7th meet to announce a new logistical changes and double down on their rules. The results have been mixed, though many have come out in support of the event calling it a much needed way to clamp down on unwanted behavior. Still, others call it an unnecessary set of conditions that damper interest in the event. Some have said they have given up on the event, either because of the problems or in response to what they feel is an unnecessarily harsh clamp down.

Following the last meet the CEO took to social media to make it clear what the issue was from his perspective.

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I need to address those people who chose to flagrantly disobey the rules at C&O yesterday, put others at risk and the event at risk. You are no longer welcome at Caffeine and Octane. You are a selfish, self-centered, ego-driven idiot who only cares about themselves. That is not what Caffeine and Octane is about and never will be. Caffeine and Octane is a private event on private property. You are subject to the rules that 99% of those who have attended over the past 15 years are willing and happy to live by. You are not special, you are not smarter, you don’t get to make your own rules and the consequences will be severe if you try anything close to this behavior again. 5 years ago, I purchased Caffeine and Octane and moved it to Perimeter Mall because I wanted it to survive as an all-inclusive car show with all makes and models represented. I wanted all kinds of people to feel welcome. It didn’t matter if you drove an old civic, a Challenger, a hot rod, a GTR, a new Mustang, a Camaro, a 69 Chevelle, or a new Ferrari, you were welcome. All we asked was that you obey the rules put in place to keep everyone safe and that you treat your fellow enthusiasts and fans with respect. What I saw yesterday was the most disrespectful and selfish display towards the 99% who were there to meet friends, share stories, make new friends and enjoy what Caffeine and Octane does best, provide a safe and fun way to spend the first Sunday morning of every month, rain or shine, cold or hot. The Caffeine and Octane team that works so hard each month to provide a safe and fun event are working even harder to identify all of those who participated in selfish behavior. We are searching all social media posts to identify as many as possible. We are getting tag numbers and id’s for cars that will be placed on the public banned list. That list will be provided to the Dunwoody PD and all others wishing to keep Caffeine and Octane an event that they can enjoy with their friends and family for many years to come. If you were part of the crowd egging them on to do burnouts and revs, you are no longer welcome at Caffeine and Octane. You are the reason they did this. Without your cheers and support, they would have to go somewhere else to have their giant egos stroked. This is not what Caffeine and Octane is about. If you were in the crowd and are posting videos and pics, thank you because that is enabling us to identify both you and the drivers who put others at risk.

Here is some solid advice: If you want to start a car show with no rules, please do. It is America, you are free to do this. If you want to spend 5 hours setting up in an icy rain the night before so that others can be reckless and destroy your event, please start that show. I’m sure it will be successful. But if you want to attend Caffeine and Octane, you only have one choice and that is to obey our rules. If you choose to not obey the rules, be prepared for some very uncomfortable consequences. I am calling on all those in the 99% to help us rid Caffeine and Octane of the 1% who only care about themselves. We need for you to come out in force on social media against these idiots and let them know just how unwelcome they are at C&O. I need for you to send names, video links, and pictures of anyone breaking the rules to info@highoctaneevents.com. If you were part of the problem yesterday filming and cheering and recognize how stupid and immature your actions were, please be part of the solution. You can avoid being banned from C&O. Please write to me at the same email above.

We also need the 99% to come out in force at the next C&O on March 7th. Please don’t let these few keep you from coming. We need your support more than ever. There will be some new rules in place that will eliminate the ability to cruise in and around the show. Only those parking will be allowed in the decks and roads will be blocked after the show fills up. The Dunwoody police will be there in force and will not hesitate to arrest anyone putting others in danger. We understand that burnouts, speed, and power are part of the car culture that we have all enjoyed at some point in our lives and many still do enjoy it in a responsible way. The keyword is responsible. There is no way it can be done responsibly at Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall. It belongs at a track where spectators are safe. We may provide that environment at some point for those that understand the importance of having fun in the safest way possible.

I cannot thank those enough who have stuck by Caffeine and Octane and me through its many years and challenges. With your ongoing support, we will continue to be the biggest and best. I hope to see you in March and if not at some point in the near future.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Best, Bruce Piefke CEO – High Octane Events LLC Caffeine and Octane /Caffeine and Exotics / Caffeine and Octane @The Garage

Bruce P. Facebook post

The Rules

In response Caffeine and Octane posted on social media the following revised rules and actions.

Caffeine and Octane posted the rules this week. They noted excessive revving, cruising and burnouts are the primary motivator. The post also notes that they made the changes in agreement with the Dunwoody police and Perimeter Mall.

The Caffeine and Octane posts did not indicate whether the changes were driven by concerns expressed by the mall management and/or police, were initiated by Caffeine and Octane themselves or if it all was all a collective attempt to address the issues.

The Response

The response has been mixed. While there were a large number of vocal comments indicating that this may be the final straw in terms of “rules” for some visits, others applauded the move as a way to address the “revving”. Still more noted that they had given up going to Caffeine and Octane choosing instead to sleep in or attempt other meets.

Negative Response(s)

Given all the new “rules” checkpoints and whatnot, I’m skipping it until further notice. Going to give worship in Roswell a try.

Christian R. Facebook comment

I’m done with that shitshow. Dunwoody PD is a joke and will fine/tax you for looking at them wrong and it’s the same cars every month.

Luke M. Facebook comment

I’m good on going to C&O. It’s not worth the risk at this point. The mountains and smaller meets aren’t infested with overzealous Police and the Insanity that is the MOPAR/VQ crowd.

Jamaal J. Facebook comment

Positive/Supportive Response(s)

Despite the negative reactions in some groups, a large number of comments were positive.

Some just can’t handle their big heads and ego’s and want to show off. I hope you don’t end up getting cancelled all together because of it. We’ve seen it happen time and time again from small shows to large shows. Don’t matter where you have it they will ruin it for all the good people!

Kimberly M. Facebook comment

From the earliest days of C&O this has unfortunately been an issue. The only remedy has been swift and strong action by the police. The sight of an attendee being handcuffed and placed in the back of a cruiser while their pride and joy gets roughly towed away to impound will jerk a knot in those that plan on imitating this behavior.
I’m sorry to read this nonsense is still going on. The worst part of running C&O for me was the inevitable Monday morning phone call from the property manager informing me about what some middle aged teenager had done.

Mark R. Facebook comment

It’s the best car show in the world!!!!! Let’s keep it that way for everyone.

Charles H. Facebook comment

The Clarification

Despite some of the positive reaction from commenters, Caffeine and Octane did feel the need to post several “clarification” posts. While few public comments were active questioning these rules on the C&O official posts, it seemed pretty obvious they had gotten at least some blow back.

In addition the folks at Caffeine and Octane put out an open call for additional volunteers to help provide more staff for this weekend.


Like much of the car scene there are rarely uniform opinions. It’s not uncommon here at ShiftAtlanta to hear from those who are not interested in some of the immaturity in the scene. However, we are also not ones to judge. We were also (and in some way, still are) young (and dumb).

Still, there seems to be a large reckoning, even beyond Caffeine and Octane, with the car scene right now. From cities such as Atlanta, Sandy Springs and others implementing new rules and laws to crack down on unwanted behaviors to the potential ending of events, there is no questions – something needs to change before the non-car community stamps out events.

Whether this is the right move for C&O, time will tell. It will also be interesting to see if others follow suit. Or whether a local city or place looking to drive foot traffic becomes more “welcoming” to car enthusiasts.

In the mean time – Caffeine and Octane returns with their modified rules at the next monthly edition on Sunday March 7th, 2021.

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