Atlanta May Soon Get Designated Drag Racing Location

A recent city council meeting Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms indicated the city was looking at creating a zone to allow street racing. The concept, tried in other cities, would create an area where racing on the street would be sanctioned. This was first reported by CBS 46.

The idea came from the Mayor’s son but was also prompted by by an urban planning consulting company, Bloomberg Associates.

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The article also notes that there is a move to strengthen illegal racing laws as a counter balance. Whether both will be taken up in a coordinated effort to provide a place to race and then more strictly curb it in other areas remains to be seen.

The debate has been raging recently thanks to a number of a high profile cases of random highway shutdowns by car racers doing burnouts.

While the high profile nature of those cases may have brought attention to the idea, street racing in Atlanta is nothing new. The underground famous spots on the southside of the city and in a few industrial areas have long been a staple of the Atlanta car scene.

Of course, in addition to the potential of a future legal street race location in the Atlanta, the area offers dozens of drag strips that offer drag racing passes to anyone.

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