Atlanta and Middle Georgia Region SCCA Rallycross Schedule Announced

Recently the Atlanta Region SCCA, in partnership with the Middle Georgia Region SCCA, announced the 2023 Rallycross schedule. The series will have 6 events, split primarily between a spring reason (April, May, June events) and Fall (September, October, November).

What Is Rallycross?

Rallycross is similar to autocross, except instead of running through cones in a parking lot you are doing it in the dirt.  It’s the most fun you can have in the dirt.

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Cars are divided into three classes: Stock, Prepared and Modified.  These are further subdivided based on driveway (FWD, RWD, AWD) within each of those classes.   The difference between them is the level of modification and tire choice.

You can join Rallycross in nearly any kind of car. The dirt tracks are generally well graded and are safe for most cars. Still, we should note you are likely to expose your car and it’s components to a lot of dirt so we don’t recommend doing this in your lowered or show car.

Atlanta/Middle Georgia Regional Rallycross Schedule

Region Rallycross Event #1 Saturday April 22nd

Rallycross Event #2 Sunday May 21st

Rallycross Event #3 Sunday June 25th

Rallycross Event #4 Sunday September 17th

Rallycross Event #5 Saturday October 28th

Rallycross Event #6 Saturday November 11th

View Full Atlanta Rallycross Schedule on our Atlanta Car Events Calendar

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