Why A ShiftAtlanta Private Track Day Event

Private Track Day Events In Atlanta

Looking for a way to get on some of Atlanta’s fame tracks without having to register for a traditional track day?  ShiftAtlanta Private HPDE and Track Day events are a great way to get on track when a traditional track day isn’t the right fit.

There are a number of reasons our members choose to join one of our private track day events.

Racecar Testing

Unlike a traditional track day with scheduled run groups and limited windows, ShiftAtlanta private track days in Atlanta you generally get to run at any point during the day.  For racecar testing, tuning and setup the flexibility is important.

First Time Track Drivers

While track day events are great even for first time drivers, sometimes you’d just rather get private track coaching and the ability to get out on try driving on track for the first time in a smaller environment that

Corporate Events

For small companies renting the track out and hiring instructors, or filtering through the larger groups at a track day takes away from the experience.  Bring your customers or employees out and enjoy


ShiftAtlanta community isn’t about bigger is better.  Sometimes you just want to enjoy the day and the company you keep.  ShiftAtlanta prides itself on focusing on the quality of the community, not the quantity.  Our private track day events are a great way to enjoy the community without all of the noise of larger events… though there will be plenty of noise!

Learn More About A Private Track Day

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Type Of Private Track Day

Private Track Day Pricing

ShiftAtlanta private track days start at $250 per driver for Members, $300 per driver for Non-Members or Corporate events.

Options include bundled track day insurance, driver instruction, specialty event options such as car control and access to skid and drift pads, autocross.  We can even teach you how to drive a manual.