Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

For a weekend in October downtown Chattanooga and it’s waterfront will be transformed into a race track. The race, coupled with a number of other events, highlight a relatively new event: The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival.

The event is a full weekend of vintage and classic car shows and races. The premiere event is taking over the waterfront with a full 2 mile race course. The track is just to the west of the convention center downtown.

In addition to the race, the weekend will include car shows (Concours d’Elegance), Auction (Meecum) and a Road Rallye. The focus of all of the events on vintage and classic cars, with vehicles ranging from the 20s up until the 60s. There is even a special exhibition group for modern supercars and electric cars, which are likely to become future classics.

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Events

West Village Road Rallye – a “Road Rallye” style event for street legal authentic vintage and historic cars, where a driver and navigator will run the open road on a predetermined route.

The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend – A competitive event for authentic vintage and historic cars. It is a friendly style wheel to wheel race held on a purpose built street circuit in a historic industrial area along the picturesque riverfront in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Concours d’ Elegance – Car show entries judged by an expert panel based on class.

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Classes

Gran Prix Classes

  • BRASS & TIN up to 1920
  • Sports and Racing Cars, 1920 until 1959
  • GT Racing cars, ’50s & ‘60s Small & large bore
  • Sports/GT Racing cars, ‘50s & ‘60s
  • Open wheel formula cars, treaded tire cars
  • Open wheel Formula Super Vee cars, slick tire cars
  • CanAm/Works Championship Cars prior to 1969
  • Exhibition Class (includes modern SuperCars)
  • Electric Vehicles

Concours d’Elegance Classes

  • Brass and Tin pre-1920
  • Prewar American Classic
  • Prewar American Sports
  • Prewar European Classic
  • Prewar European Sports     
  • Authentic Hot Rods and Customs    
  • Custom Vintage Motorcycles
  • Postwar American Special Interest
  • Postwar American Sports 
  • Postwar European Special Interest
  • Postwar European Sports
  • American Muscle
  • Competition Cars
  • Tucker
  • Jaguar
  • Showcars and Prototypes; Display only
  • Modern Supercar; Display only
  • Radwood 1980 – 1999
  • Class of 42

Event Information

Official Name: Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

Date: October 14th-16th, 2022

Location: Downtown Chattanooga, TN

More Information/Tickets: Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Website

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